Critical Thinking: Think Clearly in a World of Agendas, Bad Science, and Information Overload

Critical Thinking: Think Clearly in a World of Agendas, Bad Science, and Information Overload
English | August 3, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08F6TF2Z7 | 131 pages | EPUB/AZW3/PDF | 1.9 MB

Here's How You Can Weather The Storm & Start Thinking Clearly!

Let's see the facts. Your mind is under siege.

Every single day, you are bombarded with thousands of news stories, hundreds of fake news articles, secret agendas, and bad science. You need to develop a defense mechanism that will allow you to hold your ground and improve your life.

And the name of that defense mechanism? Critical Thinking!

Imagine if you could develop a new skill that would

Unleash Your Creativity
Encourage Positive Curiosity
Boost Your Problem-Solving Skills

And help you navigate the foggy waters of mass media, online hysteria, and social media angst.

Would You Be Interested In Developing Critical Thinking?

Ian Tuhovsky, the author of this exceptionally-researched critical thinking book, has created a simple, easy-to-follow, critical thinking science guide that will change the way you perceive your world and react to it.

When dealing with the subject of practical critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making, Ian leaves no stone unturned, in order to offer you a clear idea of the importance of critical thinking in your daily life.

5 Key Takeaways From This Game-Changing Rational Thinking Book:

✅ Learn More About Our Biases & Where They Stem From
✅ Understand The Bystander Effect, The Confirmation Bias, The Halo Effect, And More
✅ Discover How Our Biases Are Used Against Us
✅ Protect Yourself From Fake News And Bad Science
✅ Sharpen Your Critical Thinking Skills

That's Not All!

We have entered uncharted waters and it's extremely important to prepare yourself for the perfect storm of fake news, which is certain to develop during these chaotic and uncertain times.

By the time you reach the back cover of this logic book on the basics of critical thinking, you will feel more confident when dealing with problems, and be laser-focused on the things that actually matter.

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