Mark Your Presence: Discover Your Vision

Mark Your Presence: Discover Your Vision

English | January 29, 2021 | ISBN: 9390661048 | 214 pages | PDF | 4.20 Mb

It has been proved that 99% of all human beings are born with the same physical & mental capabilities. Then why are only 5% holding 95% of the wealth of the world, why do 95% of startups are failing, and why only 5% are super successful, and the rest are only living with the sole purpose of survival.It is the world's strangest secret that we all are just heading forward without having any sense of direction.ONE AND ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 5% OF PEOPLE WHICH ARE SUPER SUCCESSFUL AND REST OF THE 95% - "VISION FOR LIFE", THEY HAVE A VERY CLEAR VISION FOR THEIR LIFE.This book will help you to discover your Vision. Once you have your vision with you, you will gradually shift from an average 95% population to an elite club of 5%. It is my money back guarantee to all my readers.

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