Modern Investing: Gambling in Disguise

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Modern Investing: Gambling in Disguise

September 30, 2016 | English | ASIN: B01LW8HM11 | 207 pages | AZW | 0.7 MB

Investing your money the smart way!

This book is for the novice investor, as well as the crowds of retail investors who feel they need to play "The Money Game.”

What passes for investing today is, in fact, gambling. We’ve been sold the dream of making money quickly and without effort… and that’s just how Wall Street likes it. By charting the development of the modern financial system from its roots in the madness of the first Bubbles to the Roaring 80s and beyond, this book will cast a light on the chicanery of the big banks and hedge funds, and give you the strategies you need to make the right choices for your own investing future.
Discover how to make Index Funds and ETFs work for you

With the knowledge garnered from this book, you will be able to avoid scams and Wall Street trickery; and most importantly, you will be able to establish a base investment strategy that can outperform any professional money manager, without the conventional risks.

After reading “Modern Investing” you will know:

• The most common pitfalls of investing
• The mysterious cash flow valuation chicken
• How to distinguish between gamblers, speculators and investors
• How to use psychology to make better investment decisions
• The most important edge individual investors possess
• A comprehensive step-by-step plan for your future investment success
• BONUS: Several Case Studies in the Appendix
• And much more

Modern Investing is an indispensable guide to securing financial freedom for yourself, rather than giving in to forces that regularly turn us into gamblers or speculators. It will cover the basics every investor needs to know to attaining success in investing free of manipulation and dependence on “experts.” By understanding core investment principles and key strategies, and contrasting it to the gambling culture of today, predominant financial scams and the peculiarities of our financial-political complex, you will be able to make better investment decisions. More importantly, you will realize what options you still possess to make smarter decisions and finding better investment opportunities.

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