Zorin OS 16.1 Pro Lite (x64) Multilanguage

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Zorin OS 16.1 Pro Lite (x64) Multilanguage

x64 | Languages: Multilanguage | File Size: 4.84 GB

Zorin OS lets you unleash the full potential of your computer. Whether you're into business, multimedia or gaming, you can rely on its enormous selection of software to do incredible work, or just to have fun Zorin OS is a personal computer operating system based on Ubuntu.It is marketed as an operating system designed for users new to Linux-based computer systems.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Zorin OS 16 Lite. It condenses the full Zorin OS 16 experience into a streamlined operating system, designed to run on low-spec computers as old as 15 years. We believe this is more important than ever, after the obsolescence of older PCs in Windows 11 during a global chip shortage. By pairing the most advanced and efficient software with a user-friendly experience, we’ve made it possible for anyone to extend the lifespan of their computers for years to come.

One of the operating system's built-in features allows users to change the interface to resemble those of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS It also comes bundled with Wine and PlayOnLinux allowing users to run Windows software for ease of transition and gaming. Zorin OS' creators distribute different versions of the operating system; two of the versions, an "Ultimate" and a "Business" version, are for purchase.
Its current releases are Zorin OS 16 Ultimate, and Zorin OS 16 Core. The new editions continue to use the Debian-based Linux kernel and GNOME interface.

Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS. This solid foundation underpins a number of other Ubuntu-based distros, like the recent Peppermint OS 10 release.

Zorin OS 16 users also get access to a swathe of recent app updates and will receive future Linux kernel updates in the future, including Linux Kernel 5.0, via Canonical’s Hardware Enablement Stack (HWE).

In use, it’s easy to forget that Zorin OS desktop experience is based on GNOME Shell, i.e. the same GNOME Shell used almost everywhere these days.

There’s a real harmony to the way this distro is put together that just sings in usage, making the whole desktop feel truly in tune.

Zorin OS 16’s main highlight is Zorin Connect. If you have an Android device, you are in for a treat. Similar to PushBullet, Zorin Connect integrates your phone with the desktop experience.

In addition to these, you get the following abilities
-Share files and web links between devices
-Use your phone as a remote control for your computer
-Control media playback on your computer from your phone, and pause playback automatically when a phone call arrives

New Desktop Theme (with dark mode!)
I’m all in when someone mentions “Dark Mode” or “Dark Theme”. For me, this is the best thing that comes baked in with Zorin OS 16.

Adaptive Background & Night Light
You get an option to let the background adapt according to the brightness of the environment every hour of the day. Also, you can find the night mode if you don’t want the blue light to stress your eyes.

System Requirements
- CPU:1 GHz Dual Core - 64-bit
- RAM:2 GB
- Storage:20GB
- Display:800 × 600 resolution

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