Mindvalley -10x Fitness

Mindvalley -10x Fitness
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Let's face it; most people fall short of their fitness goals. And if you are here, you might have started on several programs before and even achieved some progress, but it never stuck.
It is not because of some flaw in your character or lack of discipline. Most people lack accountability and systems that will allow staying committed to the goals.

This is why we're inviting you to join the first-ever Mindvalley 10X Fitness Challenge. This is an experience for anyone who wants to look and feel amazing and enjoy many more years in a strong, youthful body. In 12 weeks, you'll get the body you always dreamt of with the strength and confidence to match.

Lorenzo and Ronan - the creators of 10X - are your guides on this 12-week adventure: which you’ll embark on with a group of participants from around the world.

Every step of the way, you’ll have all the guidance, support, accountability, and motivation you need to make it to the finish line.

There is one key difference that separates this challenge from any other exercise program or method you may have tried in the past:

You won’t need to cram endless hours of soul-crushing exercise into your busy schedule.

Because thanks to the latest science in muscle stimulation and a mechanism in your body known as the ‘adaptive response’…

All you need is two 15-minute workouts a week: which you can perform at home or in the gym.

And by the time your challenge ends on October 11th, you’ll emerge not only with a transformed body - but a deep understanding of your body’s fitness mechanisms so that you can lock in a lifelong habit of optimized weekly exercise, good sleep, and nutrition, and constant improvement.
The problem with the standard approach to working out is obvious: it’s just too much sacrifice for almost everyone.

Because how many people are able to (or want to) spend hours and hours each week, doing repetitive exercises at the gym or on the yoga mat?

Not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder or athlete. But even 90% of people looking for basic fitness quit their gyms within the first 3 months. And 1/3 of those who buy exercise programs never even use them!

And with the amount of ineffective fitness routines in the market, you could rough it out for months or years - and still not see any tangible or lasting results.

The 10x protocol is designed as a solution to this problem, and a way to achieve a profound body transformation - in exchange for no more than a lightning-fast 15-minute workout, twice a week.

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Mindvalley -10x Fitness

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