Swedish Massage - The Complete Body Experience

Swedish Massage - The Complete Body Experience

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Victoria Sprigg takes you through the principles of Swedish Massage, and demonstrates the techniques needed to bring about ultimate relaxation. Massage is one of the most effective ways to promoting good health and it's been the case for as long as man has walked the earth. In its simplest form it can be a parent comforting a distressed child, rubbing a bumped knee or elbow better.

However, it has also evolved to a natural therapy, a complementary treatment for the many ills of everyday life. In this programme join Victoria Sprigg CIBTAC, MISPA, IIHHT, a holistic therapist who uses Swedish Massage to great effect in treating a variety of health problems. Watch a full body massage as Victoria demonstrates the methods she uses, while explaining the basic scientific principles behind many of the techniques.
There are plenty of pointers for anyone who wants to give massage a try, with ideas on how to adapt techniques for use with the whole family.
If time is of the essence, Victoria also demonstrates a speedy self-massage to help reduce stress and tension in a matter of minutes, relaxing the mind, body and soul completely.


Swedish Massage - The Complete Body Experience

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