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300+ Q&As - Ace Your Android Developer Test, Interview 2023

300+ Q&As - Ace Your Android Developer Test, Interview 2023

Last updated 12/2022
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Crush your Android Developer test or interview

What you'll learn
To excel in an Android Developer interview
Start your career on the right path
What are the most important aspects in Android and how they work
Lots of theoretical knowledge in the form of questions and answers
The details and intricacies of the Android Ecosystem
You will have a better negotiating position after passing your interview

Interest in Android Development
Basic Android Development knowledge
Basic programming knowledge

Student feedback:*****"A good base for interview prep" - Yg*****"Very useful and to the point course. I highly recommend this course." - CyrusWhat this course is aboutAt the end of this course you will have the knowledge to pass any Android Developer test or interview.With more than 300 questions and answers taken straight from the interview room, this course gives you an excellent foundation of theoretical knowledge to prepare for any upcoming challenge.About the instructorThe instructor is a Tech Lead Android Developer, active for more than 10 years in the IT industry. As a Development Team Leader, I have conducted countless highly technical interviews with both beginner and advanced developers. I have a wealth of practical experience and knowledge that I'm looking forward to sharing with you.I have created this interview course to help you prepare for any theoretical challenge that you need to face. We will go through basic Android concepts such as ActivitiesServicesPush Notificationsadvanced Android concepts such as performance optimisations memory leaksadvanced development concepts like Design Patterns other libraries that are very commonly used in Android Development such as Git, Dagger2 and RxJavawe will end with general experience questions and team leadership questions. All these questions come up often in interviews and it's important to know how to answer them.With 300+ questions on a range of topics all relating to Android Development, this course your best choice to prepare for your next test.Sign up today and get ready for your next Android challenge30 day money back guarantee - provided by UdemyHighly rated instructor with over 10.000 active students and growing monthly.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Important message about Udemy reviews

Lecture 3 Engage on social media

Lecture 4 Android

Lecture 5 Android vs iOS

Lecture 6 Kotlin vs Java

Section 2: Android Ecosystem Questions

Lecture 7 Activities

Lecture 8 Fragments

Lecture 9 Services

Lecture 10 Content Providers

Lecture 11 Broadcasts and Broadcast Receivers

Lecture 12 Intents

Lecture 13 Notifications

Lecture 14 The Android Manifest file

Lecture 15 Permissions

Lecture 16 Push Notifications

Lecture 17 Deep Links and App Links

Lecture 18 The build.gradle file

Lecture 19 App data

Lecture 20 Threads and Processes

Lecture 21 Wearables

Section 3: Android UI

Lecture 22 Layouts

Lecture 23 Styles and Themes

Lecture 24 Dialogs

Lecture 25 Resources

Lecture 26 Animations and Transitions

Lecture 27 Widgets

Section 4: Android Development Structures

Lecture 28 ConstraintLayout

Lecture 29 RecyclerView

Lecture 30 ViewPager

Lecture 31 Toasts and Snackbars

Lecture 32 Menus

Lecture 33 Settings

Lecture 34 Search

Section 5: Android Optimisation

Lecture 35 Performance

Lecture 36 Memory Leaks

Lecture 37 ANR dialog

Lecture 38 Unit Testing

Lecture 39 UI Testing

Lecture 40 Multi app testing

Section 6: General Development Questions

Lecture 41 Design Patterns

Lecture 42 Android Design Patterns

Section 7: Libraries

Lecture 43 Firebase

Lecture 44 Git and GitHub

Lecture 45 Dagger2

Lecture 46 RxJava

Lecture 47 Retrofit

Lecture 48 Glide

Lecture 49 Butterknife

Section 8: Android Work Experience

Lecture 50 Workflows

Lecture 51 Conclusions

Lecture 52 Further resources

Lecture 53 Thank you

Aspiring Android Developers,Advanced Android Developers


300+ Q&As - Ace Your Android Developer Test, Interview 2023


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