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Acumen Presents: Elizabeth Gilbert's Creativity Workshop

Acumen Presents: Elizabeth Gilbert'S Creativity Workshop

Last updated 10/2021
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Become equipped with the practical tools & inspiration to jumpstart your creative journey.

What you'll learn
Get started on creative projects that have been stalled
Structure your creative life by learning to break down your time into hobbies, jobs, career, and vocation
Identify how your curiosity can trigger creativity
Understand how to prioritize your own creative fulfillment so that you can better serve others
Create a Purpose Map that pinpoints what you care about and how you can get started pursuing creative projects
Learn from three real-life case studies of people facing creative struggles who receive counsel from Elizabeth
There are no prerequisites. This course is open to everyone!
A creative life is any life governed more by curiosity than by fear. In this course Elizabeth Gilbert, the best-selling author of books including Eat Pray Love, Committed, The Signature of All Things and Big Magic, will equip you with the practical tools and inspiration to jumpstart your own creative journey. She’ll bring the key lessons from her latest book, Big Magic, to life and offer coaching and insights that expand on her chapters. You’ll learn why perfectionism, originality, and passion are overrated and why we should instead strive to be authentic doers who follow our curiosity. In addition to building upon the insights from Big Magic, Elizabeth will respond to three brand new case studies of change makers struggling to get started, and offer tips to help push your own creative projects into the next gear.Each of the five sections will be accompanied by Creativity Notebooks and practical exercises that enable you to put concepts from Big Magic into practice in your own life. Through a self-paced journey of reflection, you’ll pinpoint your creative blockages; mine your sources of curiosity; corral your ideas on paper; and unlock your own capacity to get something done. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an artist, you’ll learn about how to pursue a life driven more by curiosity than fear. You should be prepared to roll up your sleeves and think hard about your own sources of curiosity and authenticity. You’ll leave the learning experience with a Creativity Notebook documenting your ideas.This is a course created by Acumen Academy, an organization committed to creating social change. We think creativity is a vital component of tackling the world’s toughest problems and are thrilled to present Elizabeth Gilbert’s exclusive Creativity Workshop. This is one in a series of Acumen Academy Master Classes built with incredible instructors and experts who are bringing the most cutting edge ideas to the social sector.


Section 1: Uncover Your Creative Life

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Creative Living?

Lecture 3 How to Live a Curiosity-Driven Life

Lecture 4 How to Find Your Creativity

Lecture 5 Creativity Notebook 1: Curiosity Cat Scan

Section 2: Structure Your Life For Creative Living

Lecture 6 Letter to Liz from a Lost Artist

Lecture 7 Liz Responds: Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers & Vocations

Lecture 8 Creativity Notebook 2: Hobbies, Jobs, Careers & Vocations Grid

Section 3: Unlock Your Authenticity

Lecture 9 Letter to Liz from a Young Idealist

Lecture 10 Liz Responds: How to Find Your Purpose

Lecture 11 Creativity Notebook 3: Purpose Map

Section 4: Find Your Source of Luminosity

Lecture 12 Letter to Liz from a Tired Teacher

Lecture 13 Liz Responds: How to Serve Others with Joy

Lecture 14 Creativity Notebook 4: Are You a Martyr or a Trickster?

Section 5: Summon the Courage to Start

Lecture 15 Why Courage is Better than Fearlessness

Lecture 16 Why Perfectionism is the Enemy

Lecture 17 Creativity Notebook 5: Creativity Permission Slip

Lecture 18 About Acumen Academy

Lecture 19 Post-Course Survey

Section 6: BONUS: Preview an Acumen Academy Master Class with Adam Grant

Lecture 20 BONUS: Preview an Acumen Academy Master Class with Adam Grant

Anyone who wants to kickstart a creative project,Anyone who wants to pursue a life driven more by curiosity than fear,This course is NOT just for people who are artists or writers


Acumen Presents: Elizabeth Gilbert'S Creativity Workshop


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