Adobe Illustrator Cc - Beginners To Advanced Training Course

Adobe Illustrator Cc - Beginners To Advanced Training Course

Published 4/2024
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Learn Adobe Illustrator CC For Graphic Design, logo design, Banner Design & More, So Easy-To-Follow This Course!

What you'll learn
Illustrator Interface Explained
Create and Use Template Layers
Rulers, Grids, Guides and the Measure Tool
Clipping Mask
Artboards Tool
Rounded Rectangle Tool
Magic Wand Tool
Drop Shadow Effect
Calligraphy Brush

No prior experience with Illustrator CC? No problem!
Any version of Illustrator CC

This comprehensive Adobe Illustrator CC course is designed to take students from beginners to advanced users, providing them with a solid foundation in using the software for creating stunning vector graphics, illustrations, and designs. Through a series of hands-on exercises and projects, students will learn essential tools, techniques, and workflows to unleash their creativity and proficiency in Adobe Illustrator CC.Course Duration:The course is structured into modules, with each module consisting of multiple lessons. The total duration of the course is estimated to be 4+ hours.Course Objectives:To familiarize students with the Adobe Illustrator CC interface and essential tools.To teach fundamental concepts of vector graphics and their applications.To enable students to create various types of illustrations, logos, icons, and designs.To introduce advanced techniques such as gradient mesh, blending modes, and perspective drawing.To equip students with the skills to work efficiently and effectively with Adobe Illustrator CC.Course Outline:Interface ExplainedDuplicat & BlendCreate Basic ShapesAnchor Point, Path, HandleWorking With LayersLayers Group and UngroupCreate and Use Template LayersPen ToolAnchor Point ToolAlign PanelRulers, Grids, Guides and the Measure ToolSmart GuidesClipping MaskStrokesPencil ToolArtboards ToolSelection Tool Direct Selection ToolEyedropper ToolRounded Rectangle ToolPathfinder PanelShape Builder ToolShape Builder ToolTypographyType ToolArea Type ToolCreate OutlinesCharacter PanelParagraph PanelCMYK (Color Panel)RGB (Color Panel)Swatches PanelGradientsEdit Colors & Gradients GloballyMagic Wand ToolAppearance PanelTransparency Panel - Opacity MaskBlending ModesTransparency Panel - OptionsDrop Shadow EffectExpand and Expand AppearanceInner Glow and Outer GlowTransform EffectPucker & Bloat EffectScribble Text EffectArtistic EffectsPaintbrush ToolBrushes PanelCaligraphic BrushScatter BrushArt BrushBristle BrushPattern BrushStickersStickers with fontsGraphs templatesColumn Graph ToolStacked Column Graph ToolBar Graph ToolStacked Bar Graph ToolLine Graph ToolArea Graph ToolLogo DesignID card designvisiting card designMake Letterhead DesignIn this course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of Adobe Illustrator CC, from basic drawing techniques to advanced design concepts. By completing this course, students will have developed a portfolio of work showcasing their skills and creativity in vector graphics and illustration. They will be well-equipped to apply their knowledge to various design projects and pursue further specialization in Adobe Illustrator CC.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Interface Explained

Lecture 2 Duplicat & Blend

Lecture 3 Create Basic Shapes

Lecture 4 Anchor Point, Path, Handle

Lecture 5 Layers Group and Ungroup

Lecture 6 Create and Use Template Layers

Lecture 7 Pen Tool

Lecture 8 Anchor Point Tool

Lecture 9 Align Panel

Lecture 10 Rulers, Grids, Guides and the Measure Tool

Lecture 11 Smart Guides

Lecture 12 Clipping Mask

Lecture 13 Strokes

Lecture 14 Pencil Tool

Lecture 15 Artboards Tool

Lecture 16 Selection Tool

Lecture 17 Direct Selection Tool

Lecture 18 Rounded Rectangle Tool

Lecture 19 Pathfinder Panel

Lecture 20 Shape Builder Tool

Lecture 21 Area Type Tool

Lecture 22 Create Outlines

Lecture 23 Character Panel

Lecture 24 Paragraph Panel

Lecture 25 CMYK (Color Panel)

Lecture 26 RGB (Color Panel)

Lecture 27 Swatches Panel

Lecture 28 Gradients

Lecture 29 Edit Colors & Gradients Globally

Lecture 30 Magic Wand Tool

Lecture 31 Appearance Panel

Lecture 32 Blending Modes

Lecture 33 Drop Shadow Effect

Lecture 34 Expand and Expand Appearance

Lecture 35 Inner Glow and Outer Glow

Lecture 36 Pucker & Bloat Effect

Lecture 37 Scribble Text Effect

Lecture 38 Artistic Effects

Lecture 39 Brushes Panel

Lecture 40 Caligraphic Brush

Lecture 41 Scatter Brush

Lecture 42 Art Brush

Lecture 43 Bristle Brush

Lecture 44 Pattern Brush

Lecture 45 Stickers

Lecture 46 Stickers with fonts

Lecture 47 Graphs templates

Lecture 48 Column Graph Tool

Lecture 49 Stacked Column Graph Tool

Lecture 50 Bar Graph Tool

Lecture 51 Stacked Bar Graph Tool

Lecture 52 Line Graph Tool

Lecture 53 Area Graph Tool

Lecture 54 Logo Design

Lecture 55 ID card design

This course is also perfect for anyone who want to learn Illustrator CC,This course is designed for the beginning to advanced Illustrator student


Adobe Illustrator Cc - Beginners To Advanced Training Course


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