Ai Tools For Everyone

Ai Tools For Everyone

Published 11/2023
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Empower Your Everyday: Harness the Power of AI with Ease

What you'll learn
Students will gain a fundamental understanding of different AI tools and their applications.
They will learn how to integrate these AI tools into their daily routines to enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency.
Proficiency in using AI tools for different tasks like writing, designing, and transcribing.
The ability to identify the right AI tools for their specific needs and incorporate them effectively.

Basic computer literacy and internet navigation skills.

Embark on a journey to supercharge your digital life with "AI Tools for Everyone." This course is your ticket to unlocking the magic of artificial intelligence across design, writing, productivity, transcription, and conversation.What You'll Learn:Creative Design with AI:Elevate your visuals and creative process using AI-driven design tools. Let your imagination run wild with newfound possibilities.Enhanced Writing and Content Generation:Transform your writing skills with AI tools that go beyond grammar checks. Create compelling content effortlessly and refine your unique writing style.Effortless Transcription with AI:Say goodbye to tedious transcriptions. Learn how AI can make the process faster and more accurate, leaving you with more time for what matters.Amplify Productivity with Notion:Master Notion, your AI-powered productivity ally. Organize, collaborate, and supercharge your project management with this versatile tool.Powerful Conversations with ChatGPT and AgentGPT:Upgrade your communication game with AI-driven conversational tools. Experience intelligent and context-aware interactions that elevate your conversations.What's Included:Practical demos and real-world applications.Proven tips for seamlessly integrating AI into your daily routine.Case studies demonstrating the impact of AI on creativity, writing, transcription, and productivity.Interactive sessions for a hands-on learning experience.Whether you're a designer, writer, or just someone eager to embrace AI's potential, this course is your guide to making AI work for you. Join us and dive into the future of digital innovation! Enroll now and discover the endless possibilities AI brings to everyone.

Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you will learn?

Lecture 3 Who should take this course?

Section 2: AI Tools for Design and Visual Creativity

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 Introduction to Canva.AI

Lecture 6 Using Canva AI to generate designs for Presentations

Lecture 7 Midjourney: Your Gateway to AI Art Generation

Lecture 8 Runway: Unleashing Creativity with AI-Generated Visuals

Lecture 9 Summary

Section 3: AI for Enhanced Writing and Content Generation

Lecture 10 Introduction

Lecture 11 Things to know when using AI Apps

Lecture 12 Generate Content with Write Sonic

Lecture 13 Copy.ai : Your AI Writing Assistant

Lecture 14 Comparing AI Bots: ChatGPT vs. Claude 2.0 vs Bard

Lecture 15 Summary

Section 4: Transcribing Effortlessly with AI

Lecture 16 Introduction

Lecture 17 Using Audiopen AI to convert thoughts into text

Lecture 18 Using Chatpdf and Botsonic

Lecture 19 Otter: AI Transcription for All

Lecture 20 Summary

Section 5: Amplify Productivity: Notion

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 What is Notion?

Lecture 23 Notion Productivity Boosted with AI

Section 6: Power Your Conversations: ChatGPT and AgentGPT

Lecture 24 Introduction

Lecture 25 ChatGPT : Your AI Conversation Sparring Partner

Lecture 26 Practical Exercise: Engage with ChatGPT

Lecture 27 AgentGPT: Your AI Assistant for Writing

Lecture 28 Summary

Section 7: Course Summary

Lecture 29 Course Summary

Lecture 30 Looking Ahead: Emerging AI Trends

AI Enthusiasts,Hobbyists,Working Professionals,Upskillers


Ai Tools For Everyone


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