Best Online Video Editor Invideo : 5+ Real World Projects

Best Online Video Editor Invideo : 5+ Real World Projects

Published 12/2022
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Creating stunning videos has never been easier! With InVideo, you can make professional-quality videos in just 15 minute

What you'll learn
Learn everything you need to know about InVideo
Walkthrough examples from scratch
Create amazing marketing videos for your business with InVideo
Create professional eye-catching videos that grab student’s attention
How to Make & Edit Videos with Browser
Learn to create marketing videos for Instagram stories, Facebook videos, Whatsapp videos, etc. to promote your business
Be able to have a direct influence on your brand creation by doing it yourself
Access over 5000+ pre-made video templates to create videos fast
Create, edit, comment, and share your videos together with your team members.
Create multiple brand kits and apply to any video with just one click.
Create stunning videos easily in 15 minutes

You will need to be using the Google Chrome browser.
No design skills are required.
No video editing skills required
InVideo needs at least 4GB of RAM to work efficiently.
You will need to be connected to the internet while working in InVideo.

Are you ready to create videos that will stun your viewers? InVideo is the perfect video maker for anyone who wants to create professional-quality videos without any design skills. With InVideo's easy drag-and-drop editor and 5000+ customizable templates, you can create stunning videos in just 15 minutes. In today's fast-paced world, it's important to be able to create high-quality videos quickly and efficiently. InVideo is a great tool that can help you do just that. Additionally, InVideo's video editor comes power packed with a large music library, 40+ fluid animations, and branding capabilities to help you create your own unique videos. InVideo is the perfect video maker for anyone who wants to create professional-quality videos without any design skills. Videos are the key to any online marketing strategy. According to statistics, 50 percent of people will retain a memory of an event, person, or thing after seeing a video. Whether you're an entrepreneur, employee, content creator, teacher, author, or social media expert, it's become increasingly important to know how to do a little bit of everything online - including how to make your brand stand out with videos. With this course as your guide, you'll learn how to confidently and professionally create and manage your own unique marketing and promo videos for your website, blog, eCourse, eBook, presentations, or social media pages.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Fundamentals Of InVideo

Lecture 2 How to trim videos in Invideo

Lecture 3 How to crop your video in InVideo

Lecture 4 How to Merge Multiple videos in one video

Lecture 5 How to Resize Videos for Tik Tok and Instagram Reels like a Pro

Lecture 6 How to remove audio from video

Lecture 7 How to rotate video in invideo

Lecture 8 How To Speed Up and Slow Down a Video

Lecture 9 TEXT Part-1

Lecture 10 TEXT Part-2

Lecture 11 TEXT Part-3

Lecture 12 TEXT Part-4

Section 3: Intermediate InVideo

Lecture 13 How to Create VIDEO + PHOTO Collage Carousels

Lecture 14 QUICK Overlay Video Tutorial in Invideo


Lecture 16 How to Add Text to Video(Mask)

Lecture 17 InVideo Templates And Tips

Lecture 18 How to use masks on InVideo to make creative videos


Section 4: Real World Projects (Advance)

Lecture 20 Project 1

Lecture 21 Project 2

Lecture 22 Project 3

Lecture 0 Project 4

Lecture 0 Project 5

Section 5: Video Editing Tips & Tricks

Lecture 23 How to Choose Music for Videos - 3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Song

Lecture 24 How To Get Copyright Free Videos + Music

Lecture 25 SFX Secrets The J Cut & The L Cut

Lecture 0 Editing Mistakes : 90% Of Beginner Editors Make

Anyone who wants to learn all the functions of InVideo to create videos the easy way.,Anyone looking to create professional marketing videos on a budget,Business owners looking to grow their business with video marketing,Social media influencers looking to create engaging videos,College and university professors and lecturers,Online educators and coaches,Freelancers,Solopreneurs,Marketing Professionals,Advertisers and agencies


Best Online Video Editor Invideo : 5+ Real World Projects


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