Business English - Management & Leadership By Francis Carlisle

Business English - Management & Leadership By Francis Carlisle

Published 11/2023
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Learn perfect Business English words and phrases to help you shine as a leader and improve your management skills

What you'll learn
You'll learn Business English words and phrases all about Management & Leadership
You'll learn to elicit, give, and receive feedback in perfect Business English
You'll learn amazing Business English writing skills including emails, memos and instant messages
You'll learn how to lead meetings & presentations using accurate Business English phrases

No management experience needed - this is focused on making you the best management communicater possible

"Business English for Management & Leadership" is a targeted course for those who want to improve their Business English skills, especially in the areas of management and leadership. Whether you are currently in a management role or aspire to be in one, and if you interact in an English-speaking business environment, this course is specifically designed for you.Who Should Enroll:Managers and Aspiring Managers: Enhance your Business English for effective management in an English-speaking business context.Students and Professionals: Prepare to step into management roles in English-speaking business settings.What You'll Learn:Unit 1 - Course Introduction; Key Management Vocab: Start with the basics of Business English and key vocabulary related to management. Build a strong foundation in English for management.Unit 2 - Leading Meetings & Presentations in Business English: Master Business English for conducting and leading meetings and presentations, essential for management roles.Unit 3 - Giving & Receiving Feedback in a Management Setting: Learn the art of giving and receiving feedback in Business English, a vital skill for effective management.Unit 4 - Conflict Resolution in Business English: Develop your Business English skills for managing conflicts, a common challenge in leadership and management roles.Unit 5 - Write like a Leader in Business English: Enhance your written Business English to communicate effectively in management, including emails and reports.Unit 6 - Course Conclusion: Conclude your journey in Business English for management with key insights and practical takeaways.Why This Course:Expertise and Experience: With over 12 years of teaching experience, including as a former IELTS Examiner with the British Council, I bring both expertise and real-world experience to teaching Business English for management.Real-World Application: Lessons are based on real management scenarios, ensuring that your learning in Business English is practical and applicable.Proven Success: Join over 100,000 students who have improved their Business English and management skills through my courses on Udemy.Key Outcomes:Improved fluency and confidence in Business English, with a focus on management.Enhanced skills for leading and participating in meetings, giving presentations, and writing in a business context.Practical knowledge for handling management situations in English.Enroll Now:Ready to elevate your Business English for a management role? Join us in "Business English for Management & Leadership" and start your journey to becoming an effective, English-speaking business leader.

Section 1: Introduction to Business English - Management & Leadership

Lecture 1 Introduction to Business English - Management & Leadership

Lecture 2 Key Business English Vocabulary

Lecture 3 Easily Confused Vocabulary in Management & Leadership

Lecture 4 Different Types of Leader

Lecture 5 Different Leadership Styles

Lecture 6 What is Your Communication Style in Business English?

Lecture 7 Quiz Results - Business English Communication Style

Section 2: Business English for Leading Meetings & Presentations

Lecture 8 Small Talk in Business English Contexts

Lecture 9 Useful Business English Expressions for Small Talk

Lecture 10 How to Start a Meeting (Key Management & Leadership Skill)

Lecture 11 Inviting People to Speak in a Business English Meeting

Lecture 12 How to Change Topic in a Business English Meeting

Lecture 13 How to Ask for Opinions in a Business English Meeting

Lecture 14 How to Give Opinions in a Business English Meeting

Lecture 15 How to Wrap Up a Business English Meeting

Lecture 16 How to Organise a Business English Presentation

Lecture 17 Useful Business English Expressions for Meetings and Presentations

Lecture 18 How to Start a Presentation with Business English

Lecture 19 How to use Signposting in a Presentation

Lecture 20 How to Finish a Presentation in Business English

Lecture 21 Quiz Time!

Section 3: Business English for Feedback

Lecture 22 Introduction to Feedback for Business English

Lecture 23 How to Elicit Feedback from your Team

Lecture 24 How to Use Surveys & Questionnaires in Business English Situations

Lecture 25 How to Get Feedback from Notices

Lecture 26 How to Get Feedback from Emails

Lecture 27 How to Give Feedback using Perfect Business English

Lecture 28 How to Make Feedback Specific

Lecture 29 Business English phrases for giving Bad News

Lecture 30 Business English phrases for giving Constructive Criticism

Lecture 31 How to Respond to Feedback with Perfect Business English

Lecture 32 How to Respond to Positive Feedback in a Natural Way

Lecture 33 Promising to Take Action

Lecture 34 How to Present Alternative Viewpoints using Natural Business English

Lecture 35 Practice Time!

Lecture 36 Feedback Quiz

Section 4: Business English for Conflict Resolution

Lecture 37 Introduction to Conflict Resolution in Management

Lecture 38 How to use Moderate Vocabulary in Conflict Resolution

Lecture 39 Understanding the Conflict as a Leader

Lecture 40 How to Show Empathy using Business English

Lecture 41 Communication Conflicts in Business English

Lecture 42 Role Conflicts in Business English

Lecture 43 How to Offer Solutions as a Manager

Lecture 44 Ethical Conflicts in Business English

Lecture 45 How to Defend Yourself & Others using Business English

Lecture 46 How to Agree to Disagree

Lecture 47 How to End the Exchange

Lecture 48 Practice Time!

Lecture 49 Conflict Resolution Quiz

Section 5: Business English for Writing like a Leader

Lecture 50 Business English Writing in Management & Leadership

Lecture 51 How to Write the Subject Line of an Email

Lecture 52 How to Write Salutations using Business English

Lecture 53 How to Write the Opening Line using Business English

Lecture 54 How to Write the Closing Line & Signoff using Business English

Lecture 55 The Differences between Emails & Letters

Lecture 56 How to Write Memos using Business English

Lecture 57 How to Write Instant Messages using Business English

Lecture 58 How to Apologise as a Manager

Lecture 59 How to Give Instructions as a Manager

Lecture 60 Great Business English Phrases for Explaining

Lecture 61 How to Schedule as a Manager

Lecture 62 Practice Time!

Lecture 63 Business English Writing Quiz

Section 6: Business English - Management & Leadership Conclusion

Lecture 64 Course Conclusion - Business English - Management & Leadership

If you work as a manager and want to improve your Business English, this will be perfect for you,If you work in an English-speaking environment and want to become a manager one day, then come on board!,If you are still studying but plan to work in an English-speaking company or with English-speaking colleagues, you'll get a lot of benefit from this course


Business English - Management & Leadership


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