Clone Trader - Learn the Markets Hidden Code to Profit .

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Clone Trader - Learn the Markets Hidden Code to Profit .

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Start earning a City traders salary from the dark art of Market CLONING Works Across Forex - Stocks - Bitcoin - Indexes

What you'll learn
Find EXACT Entry & Exits for your Trades one of the most important skills to master
Works for Investors or Day Trading
Learn how to profit on Bitcoin, Stocks & shares,Forex ,Bonds, Commodities or time your Option positions with confidence
A Profit Protection Strategy to exit winning Trades for Maximum Gains
Understand how to profit on falling and rising Markets
Have a full understanding of how the Market operates
Mechanical Trading system that removes all guesswork & Emotions
By the end of this course know what many pro-traders use to make profits quickly
Works on ALL Time frames 1min 5min 15min 1hr 4hr Daily Weekly
Money management and much much more!!!
Have a general interest in Financial Markets and or looking to grow their own equity through their own efforts.
Ideal for anybody new to trading or investing designed to fit around your lifestyle. Gain knowledge to understand and trade any Market profitably.
Learn to make money by taking advantage of a Financial Market "footprints" or "memory" by breaking it down into a " code" that's repeated over and over again.

Proven Results

Since Joining Udemy 3 years ago the Daily S&P 500 Index results have been fully documented inside this course resulting in 3 positive years of nets returns for each year.

Bitcoin Results

Since Bitcoin broke above it's all time high 2017 we have achieved over 16,719 points fully documented inside the course.

As we discover as we go through each section, markets aren't cold, detached machines that operates independently of us. Every price rise and fall you see in ANY market is made up of human behavioural patterns. Basically PEOPLE control the markets. And even though these people will be made up of fund managers and City pros, they're basically no different to us. They have days where they feel confident and days where they panic, just like us.

And here's the key point ...

They react the same way,time and time again, to any given situation.

In short, their reactions are predictable.

Well, in this course of this guide I'm going to show you that people continually repeat their actions in the markets. Which means market movements are repeated.

And if the market movements are repeatable then they're predictable, if they're predictable then they're profitable.

READY... The set-up shows you – in advance – when ANY market is going to go up or down...

AIM... the second stage show you WHEN to place the trade...

FIRE! A final signal confirms it’s good to go.

No decision making, no holding charts upside down trying to make sense of them. You just work through each section of this guide - follow the steps - and bank profits from home with the secret code .

* Open your Free software & load your cloning template ( included ) to trace the market movement.

Cloning Template : You can lay this template over ANY timeframe – and you’ll see chances to waltz in and place winning trades time and time again. It’s a bit like having the questions to an exam a week before the exam takes place. Yes – it’s a bit like cheating.

What you will Learn

Easy overview of Markets

How to choose a Broker

Understand supply & demand

How to place limit & buy stop orders & stop loss

How to read Candlestick charting

Technical analysis

Tools of the Trade

Identify the Markets hidden code

Timing your trades (and the big mistake most traders make )

Determine your entry, Identify your risk, Protect your profits

Staying out of danger zones

Apply our clone signal on ALL timeframes and ANY Market to bank profits ( Lots of examples including VIDEO )

Letting profits Run

Money management

Free Trading platform

Cloning Template ( for your free software included)

and much much more , including real Live videos & Bonus video content with English Subtitles, Captions.

I’m happy to show you everything and let you try it for THIRTY DAYS. Just try my system – on approval – no strings – and see how this works for you. That’s ALL you’re deciding here. If you don’t like it – simply quit. It won’t have cost you a penny for my time, support and use of all my cloning tools. I can’t see why you WOULDN’T try this!

with this course

An exclusive comprehensive guide called The CloneTraderCode ... this isn’t available in the shops or on eBay or anywhere else I can think of, because from what I’ve seen no one else has spotted this ‘pattern’ and worked out how to use it. But I have, and this guide shows you every last detail you need to start making big money from this. It’s hefty, so it’s no Game of Thrones for you for a week. You’ll need to dedicate some time to read it, make notes, let it sink in. Then start making money.

Lots of live video examples (over 2 hrs)

you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever

all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free

there's an unconditional, never any questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee.

Use cloning now to spy on the Markets and target a payout whenever YOU want to.

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to understand how financial markets work.
Anyone who wants to understand how to Trade or invest in forex, stocks, bonds, commodities, bitcoin charts or timing option Positions.
Gain a solid mechanical trading system that helps you make money in up or down markets while keeping you out of choppy sideways markets with ease.
Day Traders, Investors , Swing traders , OptionTraders.
Anyone who wants to learn Technical analysis.
Have a keen interest in Financial Markets.
Finally, anyone who is looking at Trading to earn money or make their living.


Clone Trader - Learn the Markets Hidden Code to Profit .


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