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Find The Best Name For Your Business, Non-Profit Or Product

Find The Best Name For Your Business, Non-Profit Or Product

Last updated 9/2023
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With brand naming tips and tricks from over a decade of experience! Plus domain checks, trademark search and more!

What you'll learn
Develop Basic Brand Elements including Audience, Competitive Analysis and Brand Positioning
Understand the Brand Naming Process including Types of Names, the Linguistics of Naming and What Makes a Strong Name
Receive Tips and Tricks from Over a Decade of Experience Naming to Unlock New Possibilities and Spark Creativity
See Examples from Some of the Most Well-Known Brand Names in the World
Learn How to Perform Due Diligence including Domain, Basic Competition for the Name, Trademark and Department Checks

No previous experience needed. This simple, yet comprehensive course is designed for anyone from a small business owner to a chief brand officer in a large corporation.

Congratulations on launching your new business, non-profit, product or service!Finding the best name can be a very emotional experience. By following our proven process, you can keep an even keel as you chart the course to finding the best name!In this course you’ll learn how to find the best name for your new business, nonprofit, product or service. You’ll get important tools for building a new brand name, plus tips and tricks from over a decade helping people find the best names, and guidance on performing due diligence including domain checks and trademark research. This is a simple, yet comprehensive course which is easy to follow and provides in-depth guidance for anyone from a small business to a large enterprise, nonprofit or government agency.This course is taught by Seth D Brown, the creator at Upward Arrow, where we’ve helped 100’s of businesses around the world launch and grow, including finding the best names for new businesses, products, services and nonprofits. Seth is an expert in brand naming and strategy. He holds a degree in Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and has been working in branding, marketing and business consulting for over 15 years.Of course, remember to stay positive and keep an open mind throughout the process. We wish you good luck in your journey to find the best name for your new business, non-profit, product or service!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Branding Basics

Lecture 2 Branding Basics Overview

Lecture 3 Audience Demographics

Lecture 4 Audience Psychographics

Lecture 5 Audience Persona

Lecture 6 Industry and Market Research

Lecture 7 Competitor Analysis

Lecture 8 Positioning for Success

Lecture 9 Focus Words and Wrapping Up Brand Basics

Section 3: The Naming Process

Lecture 10 Introduction to the Naming Process and Different Types of Names

Lecture 11 Meaning and Pronunciation or Sound: The Linguistics of Naming

Lecture 12 What Makes a Strong Name?

Lecture 13 Gathering Your List of Names

Section 4: Tips and Tricks from Over a Decade of Experience

Lecture 14 Introduction and The Free Thesaurus

Lecture 15 Types of Metals

Lecture 16 Colors

Lecture 17 Scientific Terms

Lecture 18 Forces of Nature

Lecture 19 Planets and Space

Lecture 20 Geography and Geographic Features

Lecture 21 Greek and Latin Roots

Lecture 22 Translations from Other Languages

Lecture 23 Slight (Intentional) Misspellings

Lecture 24 Adding Suffixes to Existing Words

Lecture 25 Conjoining Two Words

Lecture 26 Superlatives

Lecture 27 Local, Regional or National Names

Lecture 28 Founders Names

Lecture 29 Well-known Last Names

Section 5: Due Diligence

Lecture 30 Introduction to Due Diligence

Lecture 31 Checking for Available Domains

Lecture 32 Basic Search for Competition for the Name

Lecture 33 Searching for Registered Trademarks

Lecture 34 Trademark Search Tips

Lecture 35 Checking Department of State or Commerce

Lecture 36 Due Diligence Example

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 37 Conclusion and Closing Remarks

Business Owners,Product Managers,Founders,Entrepreneurs,Non-profit Directors,Chief Marketing Officers,Chief Brand Officers,Small Businesses,Non-profits,Large Corporations


Find The Best Name For Your Business, Non-Profit Or Product


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