How I Go Viral On My Youtube Videos - Revealed

How I Go Viral On My Youtube Videos - Revealed

Published 11/2023
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What EVERY single YouTube creator MUST know. The fundamental components of a Viral video.

What you'll learn
How to optimise a TITLE for YouTube videos
How to optimise a THUMBNAIL for YouTube videos
How to SCALE your target audience
How to optimise your actual CONTENT for YouTube videos

No prior experience is necessary. It's a course about how to think differently and about strategy.

Even though I make niche videos on YouTube, I somehow get millions of views! This course will teach you how and why. In this course I break down my formula for success which covers the absolute fundamentals that every single YouTube creator MUST know, otherwise you are wasting valuable time and potentially viral material which you are working with for every video you make where you don't know the rules by which you go viral.- How to create TITLES, THUMBNAILS and the actual CONTENT for going viral.- How to identify and create effective Hooks. What makes an effective hook.- Several real world examples broken.You need to think differently. You aren't born with the knowledge, and I had to learn it the hard way through trial and error. Most creators don't share the knowledge once they've learnt it, most haven't really spent the time to break it down and articulate why they find success. However I am breaking down the fundamentals for you in this course.This is a course about how to think differently, and strategically. It's a sort of game-theory course. Targeted at not only beginners, but even at expert YouTube creators who just aren't finding the success they hoped for.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Who Am I?

Lecture 2 The ONLY Two Things YouTube Cares About

Section 2: The Formula

Lecture 3 Overview of the Formula

Lecture 4 The ABSOLUTE Fundamental Requirement of Your Title

Lecture 5 The Success Indicators you NEED to Identify in Your Title

Lecture 6 Forcing Your Title to Reach NEW Audiences

Lecture 7 The Priorities to Focus on for Your Thumbnail

Lecture 8 How to Ensure QUALITY Content that People will Watch for LONGER

Beginner YouTube creators who want to learn the absolute fundamentals,Experienced YouTube creators who want to be more successful


How I Go Viral On My Youtube Videos - Revealed


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