Improve your Russian with Summer Movies

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Improve your Russian with Summer Movies

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Understand native Russian speakers easily

What you'll learn
Understand native Russian speakers easily
Understand Russian speech and conversations
Understand the Russian soul
Learn everyday expressions and phrases
Improve your Russian listening skills
Learn Russian culture and traditions
Learn famous quotes from classical movies
A headphone to listen clearly
Welcome to “Improve Your Russian with Summer Movies” course. This course is designed to help you to improve your listening comprehension skills and to increase your vocabulary. All these will help you to sound more confident in your future communication with native speakers.

You’ve been studying Russian for a while, but after your first clumsy attempts to say something in Russian, native speakers switch to English?

Or maybe you have a feeling that you’ve reached a plateau in studying Russian?

Yes, these two are the problems most students face.

But I am here to help you!

For many years I helped my students to gain confidence in speaking Russian, and I can say that speaking skills are always improved together with listening comprehension.

In this course we’ll boost your listening comprehension and speaking skills by watching movies.

So, why movies?

1. Movies are fun and entertaining, so you won’t get tired of studying.

2. You can improve your vocabulary without efforts. You will meet new words and expressions in context, so your brain will remember and recognize them faster.

3. Movies are made by native speakers for Russian audience, that allows you to understand native Russian speakers better.

Furthermore, you have a chance to find out more about Russian culture and understand mysterious Russian soul.

I selected videos simple enough for students who have level A2 and higher. Besides, all the movies are related to the same topic – Summer - which will also help you to boost your summer vocabulary.

For your convenience, the movies were divided into several parts, each around 10 minutes long. Such length is optimal for watching. It is long enough to understand the plot, and at the same time it’s short enough not to get tired of it.

Now let’s have a look at what you are going to do in this course.

First, you will work with Vocabulary book. You will read new words and expressions for each episode of the movie. You will also watch video-lessons to listen and practice pronunciation of these words.

Then you will watch the movie both with and without the script. Having a full script in front of your eyes gives you possibility to read it carefully in order to clarify the details of the video.

Also, you will get a printable workbook for each movie. Various activities in the workbooks are prepared for you to practice using the new words and expressions and to help you to understand the plot better.

Step-by step instructions will be given to you in the first video lesson.

So, see you in “Improve Your Russian with Summer Movies” course.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Who this course is for
Students at level A2 and above
All people who want to improve their Russian


Improve your Russian with Summer Movies


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