Monkey Kung Fu Basics Program

Monkey Kung Fu Basics Program

Published 1/2023
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Learn the rare art form of Monkey Kung Fu today!

What you'll learn
Monkey Kung Fu Basics
Self Defense
Kung Fu Techniques
Kung Fu Fitness

Must be 18 years or older

Six Monkey Martial Arts offers an incredible opportunity to take your martial arts practice to the next level. For those who are interested in learning a unique and very special martial art form that not many have the chance to learn, then this is perfect for you!By joining our program, you can study under a formidable and respected master of Monkey Kung Fu. You will gain instant access to in-depth video lessons that make it easier than ever to learn this martial arts style from the comfort of your own home. And with our guided video lessons, you will be sure to understand each application from beginning to end.Our specialized video lessons help ensure that each student has all of the tools they need to master their Martial Arts skills and become proficient in Monkey Kung Fu. All levels are welcome, so no matter if you have no experience whatsoever or consider yourself an experienced practitioner, Six Monkey Martial Arts is here to guide you every step of the way.If you’re seeking a rare and exciting martial arts experience that will teach you the inner workings of this art form and equip you with valuable skillsets, look no further than Six Monkey Martial Arts — join today!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Monkey Kung FuStance Basic

Lecture 2 Walks, Hops, Crawls & Rolls

Lecture 3 Basic Blocks & Strikes

Lecture 4 Kung Fu Fluidity Drill

Lecture 5 40 Kicks

Lecture 6 3 Star Conditioning Drill (Solo)

Lecture 7 3 Star Conditioning Drill (Partner)

Lecture 8 30 Day Kung Fu Iron Palm

Lecture 9 Intro to Qigong Meditation

Lecture 10 Basic Qigong

Lecture 11 Meditation Step 1

Lecture 12 Monkey Hands Part 1

Lecture 13 Monkey Hands Part 2

Lecture 14 Tei Tong Form Part 1

Lecture 15 Tei Tong Form Part 2

Lecture 16 Tei Tong Part 3 (Mindset Form)

Lecture 17 Basic Self Defense

Beginner Kung Fu Participants


Monkey Kung Fu Basics Program


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