Network Automation With Python Scrapli

Network Automation With Python Scrapli

Published 5/2024
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Mastering Network Automation: Harness the Power of Python and Scrapli for Efficient Network Management

What you'll learn
Understand the Basics of Python and Scrapli: Students will gain foundational knowledge of Python programming and the Scrapli library, learning how to establish
Automate Network Configurations: Learners will be able to automate the configuration and management of network devices using Scrapli. This includes deploying co
Implement Error Handling and Logging: Participants will learn to implement robust error handling strategies and logging mechanisms to ensure the reliability and
Develop Custom Automation Scripts: By the end of the course, students will be proficient in writing custom Python scripts using Scrapli to address specific netw

Basic Knowledge of Python: Familiarity with Python programming fundamentals such as variables, loops, functions, and data structures is recommended to comfortably navigate the course content.
Understanding of Network Concepts: A basic understanding of networking principles, including knowledge of protocols such as SSH, Telnet, and TCP/IP, will be beneficial.
Access to Network Devices or Simulators: Learners should have access to network devices for practical exercises, or they can use network simulators/emulators like GNS3, Cisco Packet Tracer, or EVE-NG to practice the skills learned.
Computer with Python Installed: A computer with Python 3.x installed is necessary for writing and testing scripts. Installation guides and resources will be provided.

Course Overview:Dive into the world of network automation with the "Network Automation with Python Scrapli" course, designed for professionals and enthusiasts eager to streamline their network operations. This comprehensive course offers a hands-on approach to mastering network automation using Python and the powerful Scrapli library, a tool specifically developed for efficient network interactions. Whether you are a seasoned network engineer or new to the field of IT, this course will equip you with the skills needed to automate and optimize network configurations seamlessly.What You Will Learn:Fundamentals of Python for Automation: Refresh your knowledge of Python programming essentials tailored for network tasks.Introduction to Scrapli: Understand the architecture and capabilities of the Scrapli library to manage network devices without SSH dependencies.Real-World Automation Skills: Implement practical solutions for automating the configuration, management, and testing of network devices across various vendors.Error Handling and Optimization: Learn to design robust automation scripts with effective error handling and performance optimization techniques.Custom Automation Projects: Develop your own network automation scripts by the end of the course, showcasing your ability to tackle real-world networking challenges.Who Should Enroll:This course is ideal for network engineers, IT professionals, system administrators, and anyone interested in harnessing the power of Python for network automation. With step-by-step guidance and practical examples, you'll gain the confidence to apply your knowledge in diverse networking environments.Enroll now and transform the way you manage networks with cutting-edge automation techniques that elevate efficiency and reliability in the digital age!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Setup Environment

Section 2: Main Concepts

Lecture 3 Scrapli Theory Session

Lecture 4 Scrapli Theory Session - Part 2

Lecture 5 Sending Commands

Lecture 6 Drivers

Lecture 7 Parsing Output

Lecture 8 Additional Methods

Lecture 9 Logging

Lecture 10 Async Connection

Lecture 11 More Scrapli Flavors

Network Engineers: Professionals looking to automate repetitive tasks in network configuration and management, thus enhancing efficiency and reducing the possibility of human errors.,IT Professionals: Those working in IT roles who wish to leverage network automation to streamline their processes and improve the robustness of their network operations.,Students and Academics: Individuals studying computer science, networking, or related fields who want to add practical, industry-relevant skills to their portfolio.,Technology Enthusiasts: Hobbyists and tech enthusiasts who are curious about network automation and how programming can be applied to simplify and optimize network tasks.,Career Changers: Professionals transitioning from non-technical roles into IT and networking, looking to build a solid foundation in network automation.


Network Automation With Python Scrapli


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