Outsystems Mobile Application Development Bootcamp.

Outsystems Mobile Application Development Bootcamp.

Published 11/2023
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A detailed course that will teach you the Outsystems mobile application development and publishing It to the App Store.

What you'll learn
Outsystems mobile application development.
How to use mobile native features in Outsystems mobile application.
How to handle background data synchronization.
How to Test the application using simulator and browser stack.
How to publish the mobile application to Apple store.
How to publish the mobile application to Android store.

Good to have a knowledge of Outsystems reactive development fundamentals, although we are going to learn basics of reactive development as well in this course.

Embark on a journey to master OutSystems mobile application development with our comprehensive course. Designed for individuals with a basic understanding of OutSystems reactive fundamentals, this course covers the entire lifecycle of mobile app creation, from development to deployment.1. Mobile Application DevelopmentLearn the art of crafting feature-rich mobile applications using OutSystems. Dive into the low-code development paradigm, exploring the visual environment to design intuitive user interfaces and implement robust backend logic.2. Background Data SynchronizationEnsure your mobile apps stay current even when offline. This module delves into strategies for background data synchronization, allowing your applications to seamlessly update data in the background, providing a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.3. Local Database ManagementDiscover the nuances of handling local databases in OutSystems. From optimizing data storage to ensuring data integrity, this module equips you with the skills to manage local databases efficiently, enhancing the performance of your mobile applications.4. Native Mobile Features IntegrationExplore the integration of native mobile features into your applications. Understand how to leverage device-specific functionalities such as the camera, GPS, and sensors, enhancing the overall user experience and making your apps more versatile.5. Testing with SimulatorsMaster the art of testing mobile applications using simulators within the OutSystems environment. This module guides you through the process of simulating different scenarios, ensuring your app performs optimally under various conditions.6. Browser Stack TestingTake your testing to the next level by learning how to test OutSystems mobile applications using BrowserStack. Understand cross-browser compatibility and ensure your apps function seamlessly on diverse browsers and devices.7. Build Generation for Android and iPhoneGain hands-on experience in creating deployment-ready builds for Android and iPhone platforms. Explore the intricacies of configuring build settings, handling dependencies, and preparing your application for distribution on major mobile operating systems.8. Application Publishing to App StoresNavigate the end-to-end process of publishing your OutSystems mobile application to popular app stores. Learn the steps to prepare your application for release and successfully submit it, reaching a global audience and maximizing your app's visibility.9. Web Service IntegrationUnlock the power of web service integration in OutSystems. Explore the seamless integration of external APIs, allowing your mobile applications to fetch real-time data and provide dynamic content.Prerequisite:A basic understanding of OutSystems reactive fundamentals is recommended to make the most of this course. Join us to acquire the skills needed for successful OutSystems mobile application development, from conceptualization to deployment and beyond. Elevate your mobile development expertise and unleash the full potential of the OutSystems platform.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is Outsystems and Setting up Environment

Section 2: Setting-Up

Lecture 3 Create first Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 4 Learn to Distribute the application as a PWA.

Lecture 5 How to download the emulator software to run the application

Lecture 6 How to generate Anodroid application.

Section 3: Basics of Outsystems mobile app development

Lecture 7 How to create screens and menu.

Lecture 8 How to design screen, actions, and logic in Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 9 What is client action and how to use that in mobile application.

Lecture 10 How to open .OML file

Lecture 11 How to define Action as a function and how to use that in Outsystems mobile app.

Lecture 12 What is server action and how to use that in Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 13 How to use If-Else statement to build the logic in Outsystems mobile app.

Lecture 14 How to use Switch statement to build the logic in Outsystems mobile

Lecture 15 How to use If-else statement as a function in expression editor in Outsystems.

Lecture 16 How to user expression widget and show hide the component on UI.

Section 4: Assignment - Develop Calculator application for mobile platform.

Lecture 17 Assignment-Overview

Lecture 18 Implementation 1 - Design the Calculator application

Lecture 19 Implementation 2 - Develop the Calculator business logic.

Section 5: Database Operations in Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 20 Introduction of the section.

Lecture 21 Create database entities[Tables] and its wrapper action in mobile application.

Lecture 22 How to Insert data in Database using wrapper and entity actions.

Lecture 23 How to fetch data from database and show on UI

Lecture 24 How to update data into database.

Lecture 25 How to remove data from the database entity.

Lecture 26 How to use On-After fetch event in Outsystems database aggregate.

Lecture 27 How to fetch data using "Data Action" instead of using Aggregate.

Lecture 28 What is location entity in Outsystems mobile application and how to use that.

Section 6: Data synchronization between local entity and server entity in Outsystems.

Lecture 29 Write data sync logic to sync data between local and server entity.

Lecture 30 What are the sync events, and how to handle that.

Section 7: Outsystems mobile UI

Lecture 31 How screen navigation works in Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 32 How to manage users/create application users in Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 33 How to use Popup model in Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 34 How to design wait popup (Popup with Spinner Icon) in Outsystems mobile app.

Lecture 35 How to play youtube video in Outsytems mobile app[Embed external video]

Lecture 36 How to log the actions and deal with screen events in Outsystems mobile app.

Lecture 37 How to design a screen with dropdown and multi select dropdown with search.

Section 8: Use of Native mobile functionalites.

Lecture 38 How to use camera in Outsystems mobile application.

Lecture 39 How to check cellular network availability in Outsytems mobile application.

Lecture 40 How to use barcode plugin to scan the barcode using camera in mobile app.

Lecture 41 How to enable biometric login in Outsystems mobile application.

Section 9: What is reusable web block in Outsystems reactive and mobile application.

Lecture 42 What is web block and how to use that in Outsystems application.

Lecture 43 How to pass input parameter to web block (Parameterized web block)

Lecture 44 How to handle the event in web block (passing back the variable to the parent)

Section 10: Integrating with external web services[API]

Lecture 45 Introduction-What is web service.

Lecture 46 Consume a Restful web service with Basic Authentication.

Lecture 47 Consume a Restful web service Authenticated with JWT token.

Lecture 48 Consume a Restful web service that requires header and URL request parameters.

Lecture 49 Consume SOAP web service in Outsystems.

Lecture 50 Expose an API for the external world in Outsystems.

Section 11: Build Generation, Device Testing, and Publishing the App to App store.

Lecture 51 Build the Application for Ios Device Testing 1-Certificate Generation

Lecture 52 Build the Application for IOS Device Testing 2-Profile Generation and Building.

Lecture 53 Build the Application for IOS Device Testing 3 -Test the App on Actual Device

Lecture 54 Publish the mobile application on the Apple application store.

Lecture 55 Testing the IOS application using "Test Flight"

Lecture 56 How to test the Android and IOS mobile application using BrowserStack.

Section 12: Project work - Develop the LMS mobile application using Outsystems

Lecture 57 Introduction and walkthrough to the requirement.

Lecture 58 Implementation 1- Create the application and course page.

Lecture 59 Implementation 2-Create the sections page.

Lecture 60 Implementation 3-Create the lessons page.

Lecture 61 Implementation 4-Create the play video functionality.

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Outsystems Mobile Application Development Bootcamp.


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