Probability And Statistics Masterclass - Making Math Fun

Probability And Statistics Masterclass - Making Math Fun

Published 1/2023
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Learn everything from Probability, Statistics, Permutation and Combination with walk along practice questions

What you'll learn
Visualizing data, including bar graphs, pie charts, histograms
Data distributions, including mean, variance, and standard deviation, and normal distributions and z-scores
Analyzing data, including mean, median, and mode, plus range and IQR and box plots
Probability, including union vs. intersection and independent and dependent events and Bayes' theorem
Permutation with examples
Combination with examples

Foundation in Mathematics

PROBABILITY & STATISTICS MASTERCLASS IS SET UP TO MAKE LEARNING FUN AND EASYThis 60+ lesson course includes 14 hours of high-quality video and text explanations of everything from Probability, Statistics, Permutation and Combination. Topic is organized into the following sections:Data Type - Random variable, discrete, continuous, categorical, numerical, nominal, ordinal, qualitative and quantitative data typesVisualizing data, including bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, and box plotsAnalyzing data, including mean, median, and mode, IQR and box-and-whisker plotsData distributions, including standard deviation, variance, coefficient of variation, Covariance and Normal distributions and z-scoresChi Square distribution and Goodness of FitProbability, including union vs. intersection and independent and dependent events and Bayes' theorem, Total Law of ProbabilityHypothesis testing, including inferential statistics, significance levels, test statistics, and p-valuesPermutation with examplesCombination with examplesExpected ValueAND HERE'S WHAT YOU GET INSIDE OF EVERY SECTION:We will start with basics and understand the intuition behind each topicVideo lecture explaining the concept with many real life examples so that the concept is drilled inWalkthrough of worked out examples to see different ways of asking question and solving themLogically connected concepts which slowly builds up Enroll today ! Can't wait to see you guys on the other side and go through this carefully crafted course which will be fun and easy.YOU'LL ALSO GET:Lifetime access to Become a Probability & Statistics MasterclassFriendly support in the Q&A sectionUdemy Certificate of Completion available for download30-day money back guarantee

Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Visualizing Data

Lecture 2 What is a random variable

Lecture 3 Nominal and Ordinal Data

Lecture 4 Data Visualization

Lecture 5 Types of Quartile, Inter Quartile Range

Lecture 6 Types of Quartile, Inter Quartile Range - Example

Section 3: Basics of Statistics

Lecture 7 Standard Devation & Variance

Lecture 8 Sample Standard Deviation

Lecture 9 Co-variance

Lecture 10 Normal Distribution

Lecture 11 Chi Square Distribution

Lecture 12 Chi Square Goodness of Fit

Lecture 13 Association between Categorical variables

Lecture 14 Correlation

Section 4: Introduction to Probability

Lecture 15 Introduction to Probability

Lecture 16 Laws of Probability - Conditional Probability & Bayes Theorem

Lecture 17 Laws of Probability - Mutually Exclusive and Independent Events

Lecture 18 Probability - Examples to Practice - Part1

Lecture 19 Probability - Examples to Practice - Part2

Lecture 20 Chain Rule of Probability

Lecture 21 Chain Rule of Probability - Example

Lecture 22 Chain Rule of Probability - Cards Example

Lecture 23 Birthday Paradox

Lecture 24 Probability - More Examples - Part 1

Lecture 25 Probability - More Examples - Part 2

Lecture 26 Probability - More Examples - Part3

Lecture 27 Probability Trees

Lecture 28 Total Law of Probability

Lecture 29 Total Law of Probability - Example

Lecture 30 Probability - More Examples

Lecture 31 Total Law of Probability - More Examples

Section 5: Introduction to Permutation and Combination through Examples

Lecture 32 Permutation & Combinations - Introduction

Lecture 33 Permutation & Combinations - Examples - Part 1

Lecture 34 Permutation & Combinations - Examples - Part 2

Lecture 35 Permutation & Combinations - Examples - Part 3

Lecture 36 Permutation & Combinations - Examples - Part 4

Lecture 37 Permutation & Combinations - Examples - Part 5

Lecture 38 Permutation & Combinations - Examples - Part 7

Section 6: Permutation through Formula

Lecture 39 Factorial Notation

Lecture 40 Introduction to Permutation - Part 1

Lecture 41 Introduction to Permutation - Part 2

Lecture 42 Introduction to Permutation - Part 3

Lecture 43 Permutation - Examples 1

Lecture 44 Permutation - Part 3 - Examples 1

Lecture 45 Permutation - Part 3 - Examples 2

Lecture 46 Permutation - Examples 2

Lecture 47 Permutation - Examples 3

Lecture 48 Introduction to Permutation - Part 4

Section 7: Introduction to Combination

Lecture 49 Introduction to Combinations

Lecture 50 Combination - More Examples 1

Lecture 51 Combination - More Examples 2

Lecture 52 Combination - More Examples 3

Section 8: Expected Value

Lecture 53 What is Expected Value

Lecture 54 Expected Value - Example1

Lecture 55 Properties of Expected Value - Part1

Lecture 56 Properties of Expected Value - Part2

Lecture 57 Properties of Expected Value - Part3

Lecture 58 Properties of Expected Value - Part4

Lecture 59 Expected Value - Example2

Lecture 60 Expected Value - Example3

Lecture 61 Expected Value - Example4

Section 9: Miscellaneous

Lecture 62 Probability - Examples 1

Lecture 63 Probability - Examples 2

Lecture 64 Probability - Examples 3

Students currently studying probability and statistics or students about to start probability and statistics,Anyone who wants to study math for fun,Anyone wanting to learn foundational Maths for Data Science


Probability And Statistics Masterclass - Making Math Fun


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