Production 101: Learn To Write, Film, Direct And Act

Production 101: Learn To Write, Film, Direct And Act

Published 12/2022
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A beginner’s guide for those who want a fundamental understanding of how each part of production functions.

What you'll learn
How to craft ideas, plot, characters and dialogue for screenplays
The importance of production design and how it influences visual storytelling
The difference with camera shots and angles and when to use them.
Tips on how actors approach and analyze characters

A desire to learn screenwriting, producing and directing (No experience needed)

Never written a screenplay or been to film school? Unfamiliar with the industry and its jargon? No worries! This crash course will provide you with foundational knowledge and understanding you need to formulate an idea and bring it to life on film.Along with the basics, this course walks you step by step into each segment of screenwriting, producing, directing and acting with examples, insight and tools.This course provides 7 videos that explore four key components of filmmaking. This includes:· Screenwritingo Crafting an idea start to finisho Exploring the elements of the 3-act and 6-act structures of film and televisiono Aspects of character and dialogue· Pre-productiono Elements of a script that attract producerso Essential crew members and their roles and responsibilitieso The importance of production design and how it influences visual storytellingo Criteria for obtaining locations for filming· Directingo How to estimate shooting time for a sceneo How to plan shots and camera movements for your film project and how they play into the storyo Methods for working with actors· Actingo How to approach and analyze characterso Tips on how to improve performances and embody the characterThis course also includes sample worksheets, contracts and a glossary. (I am not a lawyer, and these sample contracts are not legal advice).

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and Screenwriting Part 1

Lecture 2 Screenwriting Part 2

Lecture 3 Pre-production Part 1

Lecture 4 Pre-production Part 2

Lecture 5 Directing Part 1

Lecture 6 Directing Part 2

Lecture 7 Acting

Anyone interested in screenwriting, producing, directing, acting or ALL OF THEM


Production 101: Learn To Write, Film, Direct And Act


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