Quickbooks Online For Beginners: Small Business & Bookkeeper

Quickbooks Online For Beginners: Small Business & Bookkeeper

Last updated 8/2021
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The effective, no-nonsense approach to learning QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks tutorial experts, Simon Sez IT

What you'll learn
How to create your company file in QuickBooks Online
Work with QuickBooks Online preferences to set up for your business
Set up and use a chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online
Reconcile your checking account and bank statements in QuickBooks Online
Create a budget and estimates and learn to work with customers and jobs
Enter and pay bills in QuickBooks Online
Learn all about how to account for loans in Quickbooks Online
Generate reports for clients or your own business
Learn to work with sales tax and reconcile bank statements in QuickBooks Online
Create Reports in QuickBooks Online
Run Payroll in QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Online
**Course Updated**April 2021 - QuickBooks Online - Advanced Topics addedIf you're brand new to QuickBooks and specifically, QuickBooks Online, then this is the course for you!In this QuickBooks Online course, we introduce you to this essential cloud accounting software. QuickBooks Online looks different to the traditional QuickBooks desktop software. We've developed this course specifically for QuickBooks Online users.In this QuickBooks Online course, We start at the very beginning and cover everything that’s required to get set up in QuickBooks Online before moving onto more advanced features. This course includes two parts, a beginners course and a more advanced QuickBooks Online course!Part 1 - QuickBooks OnlineIn this course you will learn:How to create a company file and set up your chart of accountsSetting up your preferences in QuickBooks® to suit your companyCreate invoices, enter and pay bills and purchase ordersAll about estimates and working with customers and jobsHow to work with sales taxAbout receiving items, inventory, creating purchase orders, and paying for itemsHow to reconcile bank statementsHow to set up recurring items and journal entriesPart 2 - QuickBooks Online - Advanced TopicsThis QuickBooks Online course introduces you to more advanced topics available in this impressive accountancy software. This course is suitable for Bookkeepers, Accountants/CPAs, or small business owners handling their books.In this course, you will learn:How to create and access forms in QuickBooks OnlineAll about how to edit forms in QuickBooks OnlineAbout generating reports, customizing reports, and memorizing reportsAll about audit trails in QuickBooks OnlineHow to adjust sales tax settings, including adjusting tax rates on invoicesHow to set up and run Payroll on QuickBooks OnlineHow to use the Mail Merge function in QuickBooks OnlineHow to set up reminders and automatic or recurring entriesHow to use Projects in QuickBooks OnlineAbout dealing with unusual depositsHow to work with errors and refundsHow to write off bad debts in QuickBooks OnlineHow to create monthly statementsHow to deal with advanced vendor issues such as pre-paid expensesThis course includes:7+ hours of video tutorials100+ individual video lecturesCertificate of completionCourse CompatibilityThis course was recorded using the QuickBooks Online edition. This course won't be suitable for you if you are using QuickBooks Desktop.This course was designed for people new to QuickBooks Online but the advanced section may also be useful for students with some QuickBooks experience who are looking to improve their knowledge of this essential accounting software.Here’s what our students are saying…"Very thorough course with all the ins-outs, tips, tricks, and feature you could want to learn about to start using the program."- Elizabeth Binde"Amazing, above expectations course with a very knowledgeable teacher !"- Muhammad Khan"Great! Got both desktop computer screens up so am watching on one screen and setting up and executing on the other."- Diane Baker


Section 1: Getting Started With QuickBooks Online

Lecture 1 Welcome and Overview

Lecture 2 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 QuickBooks Online Subscriptions

Lecture 4 QuickBooks Online & Mobile Devices

Section 2: QuickBooks Company Files

Lecture 5 Accessing QuickBooks Online Sample Files

Lecture 6 Setting Up A New Company File

Lecture 7 Uploading QuickBooks Desktop Files to the Online Version

Lecture 8 Overview of the User Interface

Section 3: Customizing Company Files

Lecture 9 The Gear Menu

Lecture 10 Customizing Your Company File

Lecture 11 Customizing Your Company File - part 2

Lecture 12 Managing Users

Lecture 13 Chart of Accounts part-1

Lecture 14 Chart of Accounts part-2

Section 4: Customers

Lecture 15 Customer List

Lecture 16 Adding Customers

Lecture 17 Adding Sub-Customers

Lecture 18 Editing Customers

Lecture 19 Making Customers Inactive

Lecture 20 Importing Customers

Section 5: Sales Transactions

Lecture 21 Sales Overview

Lecture 22 Sales Receipts

Lecture 23 Invoicing Customers

Lecture 24 Recording Customer Payments

Lecture 25 Make Deposits

Lecture 26 Credit Memos

Lecture 27 Refunds

Lecture 28 Statements

Lecture 29 Tags

Lecture 30 Customer & Sales Reports

Section 6: Products & Services

Lecture 31 Overview of Products & Services

Lecture 32 Adding New Products & Services

Lecture 33 Adding Inventory Products

Lecture 34 Purchase Orders

Lecture 35 Receiving Products Into Inventory

Lecture 36 Product & Service Reports

Section 7: Vendors & Expenses

Lecture 37 Overview of Vendors

Lecture 38 Adding Vendors

Lecture 39 Entering Purchases and Expenses

Lecture 40 Entering Checks

Lecture 41 Credit Card Charges

Lecture 42 Making Credit Cards Payments

Lecture 43 Entering bills

Lecture 44 Paying bills

Lecture 45 Credit Memos

Lecture 46 Vendor Reports

Section 8: Banking

Lecture 47 Bank Registers

Lecture 48 Bank Transfers

Lecture 49 Bank Feeds

Lecture 50 Downloading Transactions

Lecture 51 Disconnecting Bank Feeds

Lecture 52 Reconciling

Lecture 53 PayPal, Square, & Other Bank Accounts

Section 9: Loans

Lecture 54 Setting up loans

Lecture 55 Creating loan payments

Section 10: Recurring Transactions, Mileage & Journal Entries

Lecture 56 Recurring Transactions

Lecture 57 Mileage

Lecture 58 Creating Journal Entries

Section 11: Wrap up

Lecture 59 Wrap Up

Section 12: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Forms and Customizing Forms

Lecture 60 Welcome and Overview

Lecture 61 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 62 Introduction to Forms

Lecture 63 Locating Forms

Lecture 64 Edit the Form Design

Lecture 65 Related Default Text

Lecture 66 Importing a Word Invoice

Lecture 67 Selecting the Desired Template

Section 13: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Reporting

Lecture 68 Introduction to Reports

Lecture 69 Creating Standard Reports

Lecture 70 Customizing Reports

Lecture 71 Saving Customized Reports

Lecture 72 Audit Trail

Lecture 73 Bonus Reports

Section 14: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Sales Tax

Lecture 74 Introduction to Sales Tax

Lecture 75 Sales Tax Settings

Lecture 76 Taxable Products/Services

Lecture 77 Create an Invoice with Sales Tax

Lecture 78 Adjusting the Tax Rate on the Invoice

Lecture 79 Sales Tax Liability Report

Lecture 80 Review Sales Tax Return

Lecture 81 Wrapping Up

Section 15: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Payroll

Lecture 82 Introduction to Payroll

Lecture 83 Set Up Checklist

Lecture 84 Add Employees

Lecture 85 Company Setup

Lecture 86 Run Payroll

Lecture 87 Adjust Payroll Settings

Lecture 88 Payroll Taxes

Section 16: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Mail merges

Lecture 89 Introduction to Mail Merge

Lecture 90 Noting the Record

Section 17: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Creating budgets

Lecture 91 Introduction to Budgeting

Lecture 92 Creating a Basic Budget

Lecture 93 Budget Options

Lecture 94 Budget Reports

Section 18: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Reminders and Alerts, Automated Reminders

Lecture 95 Introduction to Reminders

Lecture 96 Set Up Reminders

Lecture 97 Locate, Edit, and Add Recurring Transactions

Lecture 98 Creating a Recurring Entry from an Existing Entry

Section 19: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Projects

Lecture 99 Introduction to Projects

Lecture 100 Create a New Project

Lecture 101 How to Assign Income and Expenses to Projects

Lecture 102 Viewing Project Financial Data

Section 20: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Customers

Lecture 103 Introduction to Customer Deposits

Lecture 104 Prepaid Customer Deposits

Lecture 105 Applying Prepaid Deposits

Lecture 106 Transferring Customer Payments

Lecture 107 Finding and Correcting Accounts Receivable Errors

Lecture 108 Issue Customer Credits and Refunds

Lecture 109 Recording NSF Checks

Lecture 110 How to Write Off Bad Debts

Lecture 111 Recording Payment Less Bank Fees

Lecture 112 Create Monthly Statements

Section 21: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Vendors

Lecture 113 Introduction to Vendor Situations

Lecture 114 Correcting Bill Payments Recorded as Expenses

Lecture 115 Prepaid Vendor Expenses

Lecture 116 Recording Trades

Section 22: QuickBooks Online Advanced: Wrap Up

Lecture 117 Conclusion

Small business owners or those managing QuickBooks for a small business.,If you own a small business, freelance as a bookkeeper, or simply manage your company’s accounts in QuickBooks, you’ll love this straightforward and up-to-date course!


Quickbooks Online For Beginners: Small Business & Bookkeeper


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