Sales Team Mastery: Leading High-Performing Sale Force

Sales Team Mastery: Leading High-Performing Sale Force

Published 11/2023
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Developing & Leading Elite Sales Teams: Strategies for Peak Performance & Growth

What you'll learn
Strategic Sales Planning: Understanding how to develop a sales strategy that aligns with overall business goals
Mastering the essentials of sales leadership
Team Building and Management: Techniques for recruiting, developing, and maintaining a high-performing sales team
Identifying key talents, nurturing their growth, and fostering a collaborative team environment
Sales Motivation Techniques: Learning how to effectively motivate a sales team using both financial and non-financial incentives
Creating an enthusiastic and dedicated sales force
Navigating Digital Sales Landscape: Adapting to and leveraging digital platforms and techniques for sales
Understanding how to manage a team in both physical and virtual sales environments
Performance Evaluation and Management: Strategies to accurately measure sales performance
Set realistic and challenging targets, and implement accountability systems to drive continuous improvement
Current Trends and Best Practices: Keeping abreast of the latest trends in sales management and learning how to apply industry best practices within your team

Passion for team management rest we will take care

Sales Team Mastery: Building and Leading High-Performing Sales ForcesAre you ready to lead a top-performing sales team to new heights? This course, is your key to unlocking unparalleled success in the sales domain. Designed meticulously for both new and experienced sales managers, this comprehensive course offers a step-by-step blueprint for creating and managing a dynamic sales force.What You'll Learn:Strategic Sales Planning: Dive into the art of sales leadership, understand the pivotal "sales task," and learn how to align your sales strategy with your business goals.Building a Winning Team: From recruiting top talent to nurturing a cohesive team, discover effective strategies for assembling and maintaining a high-performing sales force.Mastering Sales Motivation: Learn to drive your team using a blend of financial and non-financial incentives, fostering an environment of enthusiasm and dedication.Navigating Digital Sales: Adapt to the evolving digital landscape with training in virtual sales techniques, ensuring your team excels in both physical and virtual territories.Performance Evaluation & Management: Gain insights into measuring sales performance accurately, holding your team accountable, and continuously driving improvement.Whether you're aiming to revamp your existing sales team or build one from scratch, our course offers tailored content to meet your unique needs. With real-world examples, practical applications, and a focus on current trends, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become an exceptional sales manager.Are You Ready to Transform Your Sales Management Approach? Join us on this exciting journey towards sales excellence.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Module 1: Navigating the Sphere of Sales Management

Lecture 2 Mastering the Art of Sales Leadership

Lecture 3 The Sales Task: The Foundation Piller

Section 3: 4. Module 2: Onboarding sales professionals

Lecture 4 Discovering the Right Talent for Sales

Lecture 5 Nurturing the sales talent

Lecture 6 Igniting Sales Ambition

Lecture 7 Sales Contest

Section 4: Module 3: Establishing a sales structure

Lecture 8 Crafting the Sales Force Structure

Lecture 9 Forecasting sales performance

Lecture 10 Creating sales territories

Lecture 11 Setting Sales Quotas

Section 5: Module 4: The Art and Science of Sales Team Management

Lecture 12 Demystifying Sales Compensation

Lecture 13 Crafting Sales Compensation Program

Lecture 14 Transparent Communication of Sales Compensation

Lecture 15 Navigating Underperformance

Lecture 16 Evaluating Sales Performance

Section 6: Module 5: Navigating the Digital Sales Landscape

Lecture 17 Quantifying Sales Performance

Lecture 18 Developing Virtual Proficiency Programs

Lecture 19 Establishing Virtual Territories

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 20 Conclusion

New Sales Managers: Individuals who have recently stepped into a sales management role and are looking to build their skills in team leadership and sales strategy.,Experienced Sales Managers: Seasoned sales managers who want to enhance their existing skills, learn new strategies, and stay updated with the latest trends in sales management.,Aspiring Sales Leaders: Professionals aiming to transition into sales management positions and seeking a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to lead a successful sales team.,Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Individuals running their own business who need to understand how to build and manage an effective sales team to drive business growth.,Sales Professionals: Sales representatives or executives looking to advance their careers by gaining managerial skills and understanding team dynamics.,HR Professionals and Recruiters: Those involved in hiring and training sales teams, who need insights into what makes a successful sales team and how to support them.


Sales Team Mastery: Leading High-Performing Sale Force


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