Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using Whatsapp Cloud Api

Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using Whatsapp Cloud Api

Published 9/2023
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Unlocking the Potential of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for Businesses

What you'll learn
Students will be able to learn Whatsapp marketing and send bulk whatsapp messages using official Whatsapp Cloud API
Dive deep into how the WhatsApp platform operates, its user base, and why businesses are increasingly integrating it into their communication strategies.
Grasp the fundamentals of the WhatsApp Cloud API and its advantages for large-scale messaging.
Understand how to craft effective message templates, gain approval from WhatsApp, and manage them for various communication needs.
Explore strategies for segmenting and targeting audiences, scheduling messages, and handling responses to ensure maximum reach and engagement.
Delve into tools and practices for tracking delivery reports, reading statuses, and analyzing user engagement metrics to refine messaging strategies.
Develop proficiency in managing common challenges, including error handling, rate limits, and best practices for maintaining a healthy and reputable messaging

Access to Laptop / PC.
Stable internet connection to access Facebook, WhatsApp Cloud API, watch course videos, download materials.
A phone number with no whatsapp account linked to it.
Eagerness to learn.

Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages Using WhatsApp Cloud API: In today's digital age, reaching out to your audience effectively and promptly is the key to successful business communication. With over 2 billion users, WhatsApp has emerged as a dominant force in the messaging world. But how can businesses, marketers, and developers harness this platform's true potential at scale?Enter the world of the WhatsApp Cloud API – a powerful tool designed specifically for sending bulk whatsapp messages seamlessly. This course dives deep into the intricacies of this API, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to masterfully send bulk WhatsApp messages.What You'll Learn In this Course:Understanding the WhatsApp Ecosystem: Discover why WhatsApp is the chosen platform for millions and how its Cloud API revolutionizes business communication.Hands-on with the WhatsApp Cloud API: Navigate the ins and outs of the API, from configuration to sending messages. Learn how to send bulk WhatsApp messages with precision.Crafting Effective Messages: It's not just about quantity; it's about quality. Master the art of creating engaging message templates that resonate with your audience.Strategies for Successful Bulk Messaging: Delve into audience segmentation, message scheduling, and automation to make the most of your bulk messaging campaigns.Monitoring and Refinement: Track delivery, read statuses, and gather user feedback. Learn how to analyze metrics to refine and improve your messaging strategy.Whether you're a business owner aiming to expand your customer engagement, a developer looking to integrate WhatsApp into your applications, or simply a tech enthusiast eager to ride the wave of modern communication tools, this course is for you.Unlock the power of the WhatsApp Cloud API, and transform the way you communicate. Enrol today, and let's embark on a journey to effectively send bulk WhatsApp messages, reaching audiences like never before!

Section 1: Introduction to Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using Whatsapp Cloud API Course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Understanding Whatsapp Cloud API

Lecture 2 Knowing What is Whatsapp Cloud API & Why We Need It ?

Section 3: Diving Deep into the Cloud API

Lecture 3 Tool to Use Whatsapp Cloud API for This Course

Lecture 4 Setting Up Whatsapp Cloud API : The 7 Steps

Lecture 5 Step 1 : Setting Up Facebook App

Lecture 6 Step 2 : Linking the Phone Number

Lecture 7 Step 3 : Webhook Configuration

Lecture 8 Step 4 : Permanent Access Token Generation

Lecture 9 Step 5 : Adding Payment Methods

Lecture 10 Step 6 : Change App Mode to Live

Lecture 11 Step 7 : Save & Validate Credentials : Our Whatsapp Cloud API is Live Now

Lecture 12 Steps to Increase Bulk Whatsapp Message Sending Limits

Lecture 13 Getting Display Name Approval

Section 4: Crafting and Sending Bulk Messages

Lecture 14 Template Creation and Management

Lecture 15 Crafting Message Templates With Examples

Lecture 16 Importing Contacts in Bulk

Lecture 17 Sending Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using Cloud API

Lecture 18 Analytics, Delivery and Read Statuses

Lecture 19 Whatsapp Cloud API Pricing & the Concept of Conversation

Lecture 20 Get Greentick Mark on Whatsapp

Section 5: Navigating Challenges

Lecture 21 Important Things To Keep in Mind While Sending Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using API

Lecture 22 Meta Customer Support

Section 6: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 23 Bonus 1

Digital Marketers: Professionals who are looking to expand their communication channels and reach a broader audience using WhatsApp.,Business Owners: Especially those who run SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and want to leverage WhatsApp for customer communication, updates, and promotions.,Startups: Companies in their early stages might be looking for effective ways to communicate with their users, and WhatsApp can be an attractive channel given its massive user base.,Customer Support Teams: Companies looking to provide real-time support through WhatsApp will benefit from understanding the bulk messaging capabilities.,Tech Enthusiasts: Individuals curious about the latest technologies, tools, and platforms in the messaging and communication domain.,Students in Tech and Marketing: Those studying in the fields of digital marketing, technology, communications, or related areas who wish to add a practical skill to their repertoire.


Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using Whatsapp Cloud Api


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