Sewing Machine Basics: Use, Cleaning And Tips

Sewing Machine Basics: Use, Cleaning And Tips

Published 1/2023
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Let’s get confident on your sewing machine

What you'll learn
Learn the parts of a sewing machine
Learn to Clean a Sewing Machine
Learn about different threads and needles
Learn to troubleshoot sewing machine problems
Learn to operate a sewing machine

No sewing skills required, but you will need a sewing machine

Too often I hear that the sewing machine seems too complicated, or that it is a huge sense of frustration.Let’s take the guesswork out of sewing by learning how to be confident threading your machine, winding a bobbin, troubleshooting the jammed stitches, replacing the needles and more. Another valuable skill learned in this class is the basics of keeping your sewing machine clean.Sewing is a lifelong skill that can extend the life of your clothing, by giving you the skills to mend, repair and alter what you have. Alternatively you can also use the sewing skills to thrift, make gifts, shorten curtains and so much more. The projects are endless!!!Part of the challenge with learning anything new is the mindset. If you have the mindset to succeed in sewing this is half the battle. It also helps to have a clear goal in mind. Knowing that you can use your skills to live a more sustainable lifestyle, gives you a great reason to start sewing today.In this class I will be demonstrating on three different home machines. It is true that sewing machines vary, but often knowing the basics on several machines will be enough to make you a pro at most home sewing machines.Don’t let your sewing machine sit in the closet anymore. Let’s put it to use on the projects you have piled up!

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Sewing Machine Parts

Lecture 2 Getting familiar with the parts of your machine

Lecture 3 Remember the spool holder

Lecture 4 Sewing Machine Feet

Section 3: Threading the top and the bobbin

Lecture 5 Winding a bobbin

Lecture 6 Threading the machine

Lecture 7 How to insert a bobbin

Section 4: All about the needles

Lecture 8 How to change the needle

Lecture 9 Needle types and sizes

Section 5: How to Sew with the Machine

Lecture 10 How to hold your fabric when sewing

Lecture 11 Straight Stitching

Lecture 12 Zig Zag or stretch Stitches

Section 6: Troubleshooting your Machine

Lecture 13 Troubleshooting Tips

Section 7: Cleaning Your Sewing Machine

Lecture 14 Taking apart the machine, dust and oil

Lecture 15 Changing the light bulb

Beginner Sewists with little or no previous experience


Sewing Machine Basics: Use, Cleaning And Tips


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