Statistics Explained Easy 2 - Normal Distribution And More

Statistics Explained Easy 2 - Normal Distribution And More

Last updated 7/2017
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Normal and other distributions explained - calculations by hand

What you'll learn
Pass their exam about normal distributions.
Can calculate probabilities that something is going to happen... Like probability of temperature warm enough to be outside.

Understanding some basic descriptive statistics. Check my descriptive course.

Welcome to the normal Distribution course in Statistics
After finishing this course you will master the next subjects
Normal Distribution Binomial DistributionHypergeometric DistributionPoisson DistributionUniform DistributionHow to calculate probababilities with TablesIt addresses questions like: You will be 80% that the temperature will be at least above ...

Terminology will be as easy as possible. I'm a teacher and my maingoal is to make statistics easy :).
Exercises are included (they are in the videos, in the beginning you see the exercises, then you have to stop the video, make them, and then see the answers with explanation).
Please if you want to have specific questions ask them to me! I will be more motivated to make videos answering your questions than just randomly ;) I want to make more and more video’s and it doesn’t matter for me in which order ;)

Last but not least, Wish you guys good luck and fun while going through my course :)

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 A little note before we start

Section 2: What is a statistical Distribution? (PDF/CDF Discrete/Continuous)

Lecture 3 What is a statistical Distribution?

Lecture 4 Exercise PDF

Section 3: Uniform Distribution

Lecture 5 Uniform Distribution

Lecture 6 Example Uniform Distribution

Lecture 7 Exercise Uniform Distribution

Section 4: Z Distribution (Standardized Normal Distribution)

Lecture 8 Standardized Normal Distribution

Lecture 9 Exercise Standardized Normal Distribution

Lecture 10 Using Tables to Transform Z values into probabilities

Lecture 11 Using Tables to Transform Z values into probabilities part 2

Section 5: Examples and Exercises

Lecture 12 Example Z Values P(......)=0.8 (80% sure that Z falls above a certain number)

Lecture 14 Exercises Z-Values

Section 6: Real Normal Distribution. Transform X values into Z values

Lecture 15 Transform X value into Z value

Lecture 16 Transform X value into Z value Formula

Lecture 17 Example P(...25)

Lecture 23 Answer 9.3.1ab

Lecture 24 Answer 9.3.1. cd

Lecture 25 Answer 9.3.1 ef

Lecture 26 How to translate story questions and answer to 9.3.2a

Lecture 27 Answer 9.3.2 bc

Lecture 28 Answer 9.3.2 de

Section 8: Math skills for understanding Binomial Hypergeometric and Poisson Distribution

Lecture 29 Factorials and combinations

Lecture 30 Exercises factorials and combinations

Section 9: Binomial Distribution

Lecture 31 What is a Binomial Distribution?

Lecture 32 Binomial Formula and an Example

Lecture 33 Sum and complement rule

Lecture 34 Answer 10.4.1abc

Lecture 35 Answer 10.4.1de

Lecture 36 Answer 10.4.2

Lecture 37 Answer 10.4.3 ab

Lecture 38 Anwer 10.4.3 cd

Lecture 39 How to answer a story question. Example

Section 10: Normal Approximation of the Binomial Distribution

Lecture 40 Normal Approximation Introduction

Lecture 41 Continuity Correction

Lecture 42 Average & SD of the binomial distribution

Lecture 43 Putting it all together and calculating the answer

Lecture 44 When is Normal Approximation Allowed

Lecture 45 Answer 10.5.6. 1

Lecture 46 Answer 10.5.6. 2a

Lecture 47 Answer 10.5.6. 2b

Lecture 48 Answer 10.5.6. 3a

Lecture 49 Answer 10.5.6. 3b

Section 11: Bonus: Hypergeometric Distribution

Lecture 50 Introduction

Lecture 51 Formula

Lecture 52 Binomial Approximation

Section 12: Bonus: Poisson Distribution

Lecture 53 Poisson Distribution

Lecture 54 Example Poisson Distribution

Section 13: Cheatsheet: When to use which distribution (Binomial, Hypergeometric, Poisson)

Lecture 55 Explanation of Cheatsheet

Section 14: Test and Goodbye

Students who have to learn about the normal distribution,more specific, who have to do calculations by hand or with an easy calculator


Statistics Explained Easy 2 - Normal Distribution And More


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