Vector Calculus (Div Grad Curl)

Vector Calculus (Div Grad Curl)
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What you'll learn
Gain an understanding of divergence, gradient, curl and Laplacian vector calculus operators
Matlab Simulations
Course pdf book

Basic Calculus
If you have ever wondered what the vector calculus operators divergence , gradient and curl mean and where they come from then this course is for you. With Matlab simulations of the vector calculus operators to give you a good graphical intuition.

In this course we derive the vector operators DIV GRAD CURL and LAPLACIAN in cartesian, cylindrical and spherical coordinates. We also take a look at Stoke's theorem and look at their use in Electromagnetics. The course covers all the mathematics you need to know in order to understand Maxwell's field equations for Electromagnetics and is an ideal mathematical primer for anyone who wants to study Electromagnetics or fluid dynamics.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to understand Divergence , Gradient and Curl of a vector field. This course would also suit anyone who wants to study electromagnetics or maybe fluid dynamics as it provides an introduction to the mathematics required to study these subjects.

Vector Calculus (Div Grad Curl)
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