Cookbook for Young Chefs by Anthony Lynch

Cookbook for Young Chefs by Anthony Lynch

English | 2024 | ASIN: B0CV7ZDLP8 | 266 Pages | True ePUB | 7.13 MB

Are you ready to rule the kitchen and whip up wonders that make everyone go “wow?”

The Cookbook for Young Chefs is all about the big emotions surrounding food.

From gooey, rich chocolate cake so delicious you’ll get requests for the recipe to glorious sandwiches, this book has it all.

Build juicy, towering BLTs and grilled cheese with melty goodness stretching like taffy, begging to be dipped in chunky, warm tomato soup.

Whisk your way to Paris with crepes, thin as whispers and lacy like fairy wings.

Bring Japan to your table with deliciously plump noodles in a spicy, brothy sea. Every slurp’s a party!

Spice up your life with tandoori chicken, sizzling orange-gold and so tender it falls off the bone!

There’s all this and then some! And don’t worry, because Cookbook for Young Chefs also comes with handy little tips to help you overcome any first-time jitters in the kitchen.

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