SAS JMP PRO v16.2 Update Only (x64) Multilanguage

SAS JMP PRO v16.2 Update Only (x64) Multilanguage

x64 | Languages:Multilanguage | File Size: 741 MB

Scientists, engineers and other data explorers need their data to be interactive and accessible—from making discoveries themselves and sharing these insights with others to digging into the analyses of their colleagues. The latest version of JMP data analysis software has new ways to understand data more fully with fewer clicks and enhanced options for sharing findings with others. Those who use JMP Pro 16 have even more modeling tools to take their analyses to the next level—no matter what form the data comes in.

Informative Decoration
The new features in data tables and graphs, collectively called informative decoration, offer even greater understanding in fewer clicks. Histograms are now presented above each column, and function with the same interactivity of histograms throughout JMP. Histograms are also provided in local data filters, to better inform your filtering decisions. Finally, graphlets, textlets and gridlets provide context while keeping you in the flow of the analysis. Graphlets are supported in the Principal Components, Process Screening and Multivariate Control Charts platforms.

For many users, each analysis begins with importing any of a variety of file types. Data lives in many places, and JMP helps you spend more time analyzing data, and less time importing it. In JMP 15, wizards have been added to process data in XML, JSON and .pdf formats. With a few clicks, you can specify import options and bring these files into JMP.

The .pdf import wizard identifies tables in .pdf files, streamlining the process of importing .pdf content into JMP. You can combine all tables into a single table, create tables individually or combine select tables.

The built-in XML and JSON importers can handle nested and complex files.

Graph Builder Enhancements

The primary graphing platform in JMP keeps improving. Enhanced Graph Builder in JMP 16 means new graphs, including time-series forecasts, more customization options for existing graphs and the ability to drill down for more detail using graphlets. Graph Builder has many other enhancements in JMP 16, including

-Line of Fit: Save formula of fit. Create two new fits, Robust Cauchy and Time Series Forecast.
-Smoother: Save Smoother formula, improved handling of log transforms and more control over bumpiness, as well as better matching Bivariate’s smoother.
-Four new preferences in the font preference group: Graph Label, Legend, Graph Title and Caption.
-New Histogram and Contour types.
-Additional customization for Heatmaps, Treemaps and Boxplots.
-Extended capabilities for the Line element, including the ability to make Area plots.
-In axes, better default behavior near zero, better handling of log axes in heatmaps.
-Upgraded Variability chart and Oneway axes.
-New summary statistic for percentage of grand total.

Data Cleanup
-Data cleanup remains the most challenging and time-consuming part of the analytic workflow. JMP 16 simplifies the process by making it easier to recode column names, implement custom sort orderings and automate the recode process.

-Virtual Joins have also been improved, allowing a single column to be used both as a key and a reference and new hover tips to determine a linked column's source table. Additionally with virtual joins in JMP 15, when one of a linked set of tables is opened, the others can be automatically opened as well.

DOE Improvements
-The DOE platform in JMP is world-class, better enabling users to solve challenging problems in a wide variety of real-world settings. In JMP 16, numerous improvements to the DOE features have been added, enabling users to create better designs more quickly, and analyze them more easily.

-Group Orthogonal Supersaturated Design (GO SSD) is a new platform to create and analyze supersaturated designs. In a GO SSD, factors are placed into groups: factors in the same group are correlated but they are uncorrelated with any factors in a different group. Unlike other supersaturated designs, JMP can treat the first group of factors (containing unbalanced columns) as unused factors.

-Also, in JMP Pro 16 the custom designer can now be used to design functional response DOEs, where at least one response of interest is not a scalar, but a function.

Explore Patterns
Explore Patterns is a screening utility that investigates data integrity and can help you identify unexpected patterns in data. The platform looks for duplicate series of values, linear relationships between columns across groups of rows, properties about the formatted values and certain distributional properties. Generally, Explore Patterns is most useful when the values are fairly precise, so that matches are less likely to exist through coincidence.

Functional Data Explorer Enhancements (JMP Pro)
-Scientists and engineers are dealing with more and more data streamed from device-based sensors or batch process monitors. Hundreds or thousands of such data streams can create a large volume of data, very quickly, posing a unique set of challenges. No matter what your industry, common difficulties exist with this type of data: simplifying and cleaning up messy data, removing outliers and building models that characterize an underlying function or relate a continuous data stream to measures of performance, such as yield, defect rate or product quality.

-JMP Pro 16 introduced FDE, a powerful platform for working with functional data. JMP Pro 16 adds workflow improvements that let users bypass intermediate table creation reshaping, and joins, especially for functional DOEs. The custom designer in JMP Pro 15 allows users to specify a functional response, making the subsequent workflow more convenient and less error-prone.

System Requirements
OS:Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2019/2016/2012 R2 (x64)
RAM:4 GB or more recommended
Space:2 GB (plus up to 250 MB for additional software below, if not already installed)
Brower:Chrome or a more modern browser required for viewing HTML5 output, JMP Public output and Help.
Display:True (32-bit or more) color with resolution of 1024x768 or greater; video card with hardware accelerated 2D and 3D drivers recommended
Data:UNICODE compliant ODBC 3.5 or higher (required only if connecting to database)
Additionla:Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
jmp excel:Office 365/Excel 2019/Excel 2016/2013/2010

Support languages:English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Castilian Spanish

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SAS JMP PRO v16.2 Update Only (x64) Multilanguage


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