Valentin Software GeoTSOL v2021 R1

Valentin Software GeoTSOL v2021 R1
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Are you looking for a user-friendly special tool for the planning and design of heat pump systems? Then our GeoT*SOL program is the perfect project partner for your design work.

You can choose between different heat sources (soil, air and groundwater) and modes of operation (monovalent, monoenergetic and bivalent) for your location. The integration of solar thermal systems and bivalent systems with boiler as heat generators should be emphasized. Requirements, losses and consumption are determined as a result of a dynamic minute simulation. Based on this, electricity consumption, seasonal heat performance factor and costs are calculated taking into account off-periods and tariffs. With these parameters, GeoT*SOL evaluates the economic efficiency of the system. The heat price and return are shown for the heat pump system and a comparison system.

Simulation of the contribution margin of the heat pump and other heat generators
With GeoT*SOL you can simulate the heat pump system to the minute in order to determine annual performance figures (COP) and contribution margins. The systems can have other heat generators such as gas condensing boilers and solar systems. Movovalent, monoenergetic and bivalent modes of operation can be selected for operation.
Determination of the annual performance factor according to VDI 4650

The annual performance factor according to VDI 4650 is an important factor for comparing plants according to their efficiency. It forms the basis for many funding measures and approval procedures.
Databases with heat pumps, collectors, boilers and storage tanks

GeoT*SOL is delivered with an extensive database. This contains more than
-4,000 collectors (flat plate collectors, tube collectors, air collectors)
-5,000 boilers (condensing boilers, wood boilers, pellet boilers, etc.)
-4,000 heat pumps (brine/water, air/water, water/water)
-600 storage tanks (combination and buffer storage, monovalent, bivalent, etc.)

In addition, manufacturers can have additional storage tanks, boilers, collectors and heat pumps added free of charge

Tariffs and blocking periods
Up to three blocking times can be set using the usual rules (intervals and limited duration) in order to be able to precisely depict the supply situation. Furthermore, the electricity price for the heat pump can be divided into high tariff (HT) and low tariff (NT).
Global climate data available

GeoT*SOL provides you with the latest TMY data of the DWD (current state 2017, averaging period 1995-2012) for Germany and more than 8,000 further climate locations for the whole world based on Meteonorm 7.3. You can use the interactive map to conveniently select the climate data. Locations not included are interpolated using satellite data and neighboring ground measuring stations. The import of your own measurement data takes place via files in DWD, Meteonorm or WBV format.
Configurable project report

The content can range from a short report with the annual performance figures to a detailed project report with diagrams and system components.

Profitability analysis
GeoT*SOL calculates the profitability according to the recommendation of the Federal Association of the Solar Industry (BSW) taking into account the funding: comparison of the costs of the heat pump system with a comparison system; capital value and production costs (heat price); modified internal rate of return (MIRR), profit taking into account the reinvestment.

-Longer pre-processing of the heat pump in parallel operation. As a result, the boiler starts later and the fraction of the heat pump in the generated energy is larger.
-The window size of the program can be adjusted as desired. At the next start the program will be started with the last used dimensions.
-The system selection page was updated (filter).
-The database now includes over 600 tanks from well known manufactures. Tanks can now be configured or be selected from the database.
-Display of the "Solar Keymark" certification for collectors.
-Updated climate data based on Meteonorm 7.3.

The following bugs have been fixed:
-The network license cannot be registered again.

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