Barefoot Doctor's Handbook for Modern Lovers: The Tao of Amazing Sex

Barefoot Doctor's Handbook for Modern Lovers: The Tao of Amazing Sex
English | ISBN: 1912062143 | 2017 | 248 pages | AZW3 | 5 MB

Barefoot Doctor's Handbook for Modem Lovers is the third of a trilogy of handbooks dealing with the 'eternal' triumvirate that appears to make the material world go round, namely Power, Money and Sex (PMS).
Handbook for Modem Lovers provides a Wayward guide to help you discover new depths of sexual love within yourself.
I have come (fairly) clean in this book about my own sexuality in the hope that modern lovers the world over will be inspired to do likewise, as I believe that bringing things out into the open is good for people's health and will be helpful in reducing general tension levels on the planet at this time.
Sex as an expression of anything other than love is like food without nutritional value. It fills the gap for an instant, then you're hungry again. Sex as an expression of love nourishes you in a cumulative way, each encounter building your sense of self-value, increasing your capacity to love yourself and others.
Not that there's anything intrinsically wrong (or right) with loveless sex. Fast food is sometimes the expedient choice. Fast sex can be exhilarating. But just as your digestive organs find it hard to make much use of mass-market burgers, your soul finds it hard to make sense of loveless sexual encounters.
You don't need to be in a long-term relationship to express love when you have sex. You can express love with a complete stranger as easily as you can express no love with a long-term partner. That part's entirely up to you.

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