Tapestry: The History and Consequences of America's Complex Culture

Tapestry: The History and Consequences of America's Complex Culture
English | ISBN: 1628940484 | 2014 | 268 pages | PDF | 945 KB

American culture is a rich and complex tapestry of colorful threads from at least five continents, and in recent decades increased immigration has meant that the pace of change is accelerating. It’s time for us to get to know ourselves and really appreciate this rich, vast, and rapidly expanding culture.
This book explores the contributions of Hispanic, Black, Native American, Oriental, Jewish and other cultures to a nation where many people still focus on the influences of Christian, capitalist, and ethnically European (particularly British) heritage.
Written for a general audience, Tapestry explores the myths of American culture and reveals surprising cultural roots including the fact that American democracy and representative government were inspired more by Native American ways than by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
Capitalism has become an unchallenged idea, a cultural universal, and so dogmatic that coupled with Christianity it has become America’s dominant religion. However, capitalism is 19th-century concept created for the bygone industrial era. Now the system is showing decay. Unfortunately, America is an ethnocentric country whose jingoistic belief in its own exceptionalism may prevent needed change. American culture has been both inclusive and intolerant. Now it stands at a crossroad and must decide what road to take. Are we to enter a renaissance or a dark age?

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