Voices of the Waffen SS - The Assault Generation: Volume 2


Voices of the Waffen SS - The Assault Generation: Volume 2

English | ISBN: 1717008984 | 2018 | 228 pages | AZW3 | 1379 KB

They called themselves Legionnaires of the Waffen SS, the new European Army. They came from all nations of Europe, and they were wearing the same uniform to fight for the same cause: fighting the strong Russian Armed Forces. Almost one million of these young men fought next to the Wehrmacht during WWII. It was during this era that the ideal of a united Europe was born. There is no other period in history that has been documented like the 6 years that ranged from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the capitulation in Berlin in 1945. They left their homes, families, and friends with their heart full of joy and pride. They had to endure extreme weather from +40 to -50 while fighting on several fronts. They were battle hardened because of this. They became good soldiers because they knew how to survive in any situation. It’s actually mind-boggling but at the same time also amazing to think how many young men were prepared to give their lives for Germany and, in their eyes, for a better Europe. Even men in their 30s and 40s joined the ranks of the Waffen SS because they wanted to make a change…because they wanted to BE the change. The sad reality is that many of these soldiers never returned back home... This book is not meant to apologize for the criminal actions of certain units of the Waffen SS or to support the Nazi ideologies but rather a bundle of personal accounts of front-line soldiers of the Waffen SS.

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