Welcome to the Rebellion: A New Hope In Radical Politics

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Welcome to the Rebellion: A New Hope In Radical Politics

English | ISBN: 1789043670 | 2020 | 184 pages | EPUB | 314 KB

How Star Wars can help today's young rebels bring down empire, defeat the dark side, and save the future

What does it mean that our most popular modern myth is a radical left story about fighting corporate authoritarianism? From its roots in the 1960s new left, Star Wars still speaks to millions of people today. By design, the saga mirrors our own time and politics. A real empire of corporate domination has arisen within weakened and corrupted republics. Now it threatens our existence on a planetary scale. But the popularity of Star Wars also suggests that if we tell the right stories, we can welcome many more people to the rebellion and the fight for a better world...
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