What is my Rating and Power?

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Rating System


Power is "Points member has"

Members with High "RATING" can Rate more others and Highly THAN members who has Low "RATING" OR 0 "RATING"
– Thus Members with good "RATING" has more POWER and PRESTIGE in SA.

Members with 0 POWER can NOT Rate Members, Topics and Comments.

New Members have as a start 0 "Rating" and 1 Power.

So it is in short the Rating system in which members of SA can: Rate any Member or Topic or even Comment.


Rate any Member:

Open profile of member what you want to rate. (ex.: http://users.softarchive.net/Odissea/)
Click up or down arrow. (UP - if you like him; DOWN - if you don't like him)

ATTENTION: "Rating" in members profile = 0.5 deducted from your Power.
Rating in members profile

Like any Topic:

Show your love, click "Say Thank You" button.
If the topic (software, music, game, video etc. etc.) is not working or wrongly described, please warn other people - leaving a comment. Or contact with SoftArchive Administration via use "Complaint button".
Rate Topic

Rate any Comment:

Open any article with comments ex. http://softarchive.net/blogs/faq/my_blogs__compilation.634076.html#comments
Scroll down to comments
Click + or -. ("+" - Like; "-" - Dislike)
ATTENTION: "Rating" in comment = 0.05 deducted from your Power.
Rate comments

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- So what about Members with LOW "Rating"?

1) They can NOT Rate anything.

2) And we will check all members with LOW "Rating", who may get banned for their bad deeds.

- How to have more POWER to Rate?

But first of all a special reminder to our Uploaders !
Do not COLLECT POWER! Be Interactive ! Vote For members Who Say "THANKS" in your Topics!
Vote for their comments and profiles !

Don’t worry You may say "if I vote I’ll lose my RATING!" NO ! If you vote, you will not lose your RATING !


RESPECT Members Who Comment Your Topics !

Let’s see now how members can charge their own POWER !

You can get POWER if you are UPLOADER - via members who VOTE your Profile, Comments or Topics.

and if you are a Commentator:
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SA asks Authors of topics to rate comments of members who showed interest to encourage them to continue in evaluating !

Also, all members can recharge again their "Power" if their comments get rated by any member

It's interactive system ! all need all