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    Pro Sound Effects Cinematic Dread WAV

    File Size: 1.36 GB

    Crafted by iconic sound designer and composer Alan Howarth (Army of Darkness, Total Recall, Bram Stoker's Dracula), the Cinematic Dread library includes eerie drones, textured atmospheres, and more ready-to-use sound effects to instantly add anxiety and otherworldly energy to your fantasy, horror and sci-fi projects.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Heavyocity - Gravity II KONTAKT

    File Size: 8.88 GB

    This visionary collection is loaded with tonal rhythmic pedals, thrilling transitions, evocative textures, explosive impacts and striking signature stings that will elevate your musical storytelling. Welcome to a world where sonic possibilities are limitless, and composing finds its true expression through the use of these evolved scoring tools.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Cymatics ECHOES Launch Edition Wav Midi

    File Size: 5.34 GB

    A New Library of Melodies Inspired by Vintage & Lofi:

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Tane Kings Drums and Melodies WAV

    File Size: 628 MB

    Step into a groove kingdom where Dotan 'Tane' Bergman reigns supreme, crafting a sample pack that's a true royal flush for music producers.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    REELBURN SFX Collection WAV

    File Size: 717 MB

    Expect a huge collection of abstract and decayed foley sounds, downshifters, tons of atmospheric drones and pads, field recordings from ambisonic 360° rain to motorcylces, trains and fireworks, massive impacts, epic, metallic and unnerving risers, dark scrapes and digital sound fx.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Fluffy Audio Francesco Lovecchio Solo Oboe KONTAKT

    File Size: 4.03 GB

    We’ve sampled a handful of top woodwind players at the Teatro delle Voci in Treviso. This is the third volume of our woodwind series: Francesco Lovecchio: Solo Oboe. Francesco Lovecchio is a skilled performer and he’s first oboe in many renowned musical projects in Italy and Europe.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Fluffy Audio Michelle Fattori Solo Bassoon KONTAKT

    File Size: 5.28 GB

    We’ve sampled a handful of top woodwind players at the Teatro delle Voci in Treviso. This is the fourth volume of our woodwind series, Michele Fattori: Solo Bassoon. Michele Fattori is teacher of Bassoon at the Conservatory of Music “B. Marcello”, in Venice. He performed with many important directors like Sir S. Rattle, D. Barenboim, I. Fisher, P. Boulez, V. Gergiev, D. Harding, Sir C. Davis, B. Haitink, M. Jansons and recorded with famous labels as Deutsche Grammophon, EMI, Harmonia.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Fluffy Audio Simple Cello KONTAKT

    File Size: 2.45 GB

    Simple like one of grandma’s cakes. Simple Cello blends the same warm, natural ambience together with the engine of Venice Modern Strings. While sampling Simple Cello we strived to achieve the core features that we would like to hear in this instrument: a singing, intuitive, intelligent legato with realistic transitions as well as a lively performed dynamic. We hope you’ll appreciate the minimalist nature of this library.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Native Instruments Cremona Quartet v1.3.0 KONTAKT

    File Size: 89.51 GB

    CREMONA QUARTET brings together four of the most valuable string instruments in the world. Featuring phase-aligned stereo samples and captured vibrato, as well as extensive chromatic sampling of 20 articulations, all the quirks and nuances of these historical treasures are now available to producers via a variety of state-of-the-art parameter controls.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Davey Studio The Nano Pack for After Effects

    File Size: 318 MB

    The Nano Pack is a collection of copyright-free audio loops and visuals to get you started with FreqReact. All elements are neatly organized in Folders and AE comps.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Jeremy Page Break Habits Vol. 4 (Cassette Edition) WAV

    492 MB

    These Breaks are 100% Original and Royalty Free!

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Touch Loops Euphoric Memory WAV

    File Size: 355 MB

    Inspired by the iconic tones of Ross From Friends, Euphoric Memory is an emotional collection of discovery & melody. Shaped into a beautiful collection of loops coming in 500MB+, here is the pack you need for the euphoric house sound.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    SoundMorph GORE 2 WAV

    File Size: 12.55 GB

    Enter GORE 2, The follow up to our first smash hit GORE sound library. Full of the most insane blood explosions, drips, flesh rips, splatters, blood gurgles, and intense fight and ultra violence sounds.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    DopeBoyzMuzic New York Minute WAV

    File Size: 427 MB

    The New York Minute Sample Pack is an homage to 90s New York Hip Hop and comes with 10 original compositions and stems, which are heavily inspired by artists like Nas, Mobb Deep, Jay-Z and others.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Bfractal Music Cyberpunk Midtempo WAV MiDi

    File Size: 726 MB

    BFractal Music brings a futuristic, dark and powerful collection of sounds. ¨Cyberpunk Midtempo¨ is a perfect sample pack for those who make EBM, Mid-Tempo, Hybrid Trap, G-House, Bass House, Bass music, and almost any other bass-heavy electronic genre. This sample pack is inspired by the likes of Rezz, 1788-L, Tchami, Malaa, Dom Dolla, Jauz, Chris Lake, Fisher and so many more!

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Areito Producciones Timba Moderna Vol 1 MULTiFORMAT

    File Size: 678 MB

    Desarrollada pensando en las necesidades de productores musicales y Djs profesionales, que requieren Loops & samples con calidad Profesional para su proceso creativo. Elaborada por percusionistas profesionales Cubanos, grabada, mezclada y masterizada en Areito Studio, cuentan con los patrones rítmicos característicos del género, al estilo de agrupaciones Cubanas como: Timbalive, Issac Delgado, Habana de Primera y Los Cuatro. En cuatro formatos: Kontakt, Rex2, Wav y Stylus RMX. Nuestra Librería es compatible con cualquier DAW (Pro tools, Cubase, Logic, FL, Live, etc…)

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Orbit Sounds Dark Modular Techno WAV

    File Size: 482 MB

    Introducing “Dark Modular Techno”. Meticulously crafted by techno powerhouse Thimo Konings for the visionary producers seeking to innovate and shape the future of the genre. Dive into an enigmatic world where pulsating modular synths intertwine with raw hypnotic grooves.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Epic Stock Media Mobile Game 3 WAV

    File Size: 1.98 GB

    Fresh New Original Designed Sound Effects – Mobile Game 3 – Casual Cartoon App and Game Sound Effects is a designed sound effects library with over 620+ cute and bubbly cartoon styled SFX. Hand and ear crafted specifically for whimsical and casual mobile app games! This gem has an impressive range of charming sonic aesthetics ranging from zipping power-ups, trills, melodic blings, twinkles, chimes, positive, negative, hits, breaks, level ups, unlocks, zips, morphs, UI, transitions, swipes, and alerts.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    AudeoBox Acoustica WAV

    File Size: 561 MB

    Acoustica by Audeobox is just what your therapist ordered. Full of organic, dreamy sounds, Acoustica will mellow both you and your tracks out, and allow you to dig deep into your emotional side. Create warmth with acoustic guitar riffs, texture with haunting piano melodies, and soul with silky basslines for beats inspired by the sound of artists like Lana Del Rey, Montell Fish, and SZA. As always, these sounds are always royalty free.

  • b/fullaudiosamples byleeman

    Samplestar Zeus Melodic Techno

    File Size: 387.19 MB

    A genre closely associated with progressive trance, this one is all about the melody! Dive into a realm where pulsating main room energy meets euphoric melodies that are tailor-made to dominate the biggest stages and dancefloors.

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