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  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    Wing Pro Beta (Win/macOS/Linux)

    File size: 345 MB

    Wing Pro is a full-featured Python IDE designed for professional developers. It includes powerful editing, code intelligence, refactoring, debugging, search, unit testing, project management, revision control, and remote development features.

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    Vector 35 Binary Ninja 3.5.4526 Personal

    File size: 319 MB

    Binary Ninja is an interactive disassembler, decompiler, and binary analysis platform for reverse engineers, malware analysts, vulnerability researchers, and software developers that runs on Windows.

  • b/leeman byleeman

    Fanuc CNC GUIDE 25.0 Multilingual

    File Size: 4.82 GB

    CNC GUIDE provides all the operating features and control, as well as the ability to run and simulate Programmable Machine Controller (PMC) for development and debugging of C Language Executor, Macro Executor and FANUC PICTURE PROGRAM and integration of FOCAS2 application functions

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    Source Insight 4.00.0133

    File size: 21 MB

    Need to Understand Code? Source Insight is a powerful project-oriented programming editor, code browser, and analyzer that helps you understand code, while you work and plan. Source Insight has built-in dynamic analysis for C/C++, C#, Java, Objective-C, and more.

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    Scientific Toolworks Understand 6.5 Build 1163 (x64)

    File size: 267 MB

    Analyze dependencies between modules, classes, functions, and custom architectures. Make informed decisions regarding refactoring, optimization, and overall code organization by using Understand's dependency graph and other features.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    SQL Backup Master 7.0.727

    All Editions | File size: 32 MB

    SQL Backup Master backs up your SQL Server databases to any number of popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Box, and Google Drive. It can also back up databases to an FTP server - or a folder on your local machine, network server, or storage device.

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    LLBLGen Pro 5.11.0

    File size: 39 MB

    LLBLGen is a solution for fast and easy Entity Modeling and actually creates an entity model layer. LLBLGen is a framework that works well with most existing ORMs such as Entity Framework, NHibernate, Linq To SQL or even your custom ORMs, you can simply design the database modeling layer and then map it to your database. From now on you only need to write queries. LLBLGen maps objects easily in the relational model. It is widely used in many commercial projects around the world.

  • b/tnt-reloaded bytntreloaded

    VisualDiffer 1.8.8 macOS

    File size: 7 MB

    Visual Differ compares side-by-side folders and files using colors to visually show differences. From the Folder view it's possible to make operations on folders and files like copying or deleting. It's possible to compare quickly directories choosing base folders from the context menu. Using the File Filter feature is possible to hide from visualization specific files like .git, .svn directories or the omnipresent .DS_Store files.

  • b/leeman byleeman

    Siemens NX 2206 Build 9195 (NX 2206 Series) Multilingual

    File Size: 14.3 GB

    Siemens NX is a leading CAD/CAM/CAE system built on the best technologies designed to create products of any complexity. The main goal of the system is ultimately to reduce the cost of creating a product, improve its quality and reduce the time to market. This allows companies to quickly return the investment spent on the purchase and implementation of Unigraphics. In Russia, Unigraphics occupies a strong position due to the wide possibilities of using the system in various fields of industry (aerospace industry, engine building, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, etc.) and the use of modern technologies that provide the user with advanced solutions in the field of MCAD at all stages of product creation. The success of the Unigraphics system in the Russian market is confirmed by an extensive user base and the successes they achieved as a result of using the system.

  • b/tnt-reloaded bytntreloaded

    Nova 11.7 macOS

    File size: 59 MB

    Nova is hyper-fast and flexible code editor with all the features you want: smart autocomplete, multiple cursors, a Minimap, editor overscroll, tag pairs and brackets, and way, way more. Can a native Mac code editor really be that much better? Find out.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    HTML Compiler 2023.23 (x64)

    File size: 312.9 MB

    With DecSoft HTML Compiler you can easily compile your modern HTML apps (Single Page Apps, for example) into standalone executables for both Microsoft Windows® 32 and 64 bits. Your app' files are never extracted into the user's computer and run in a modern browser environment based in Chromium.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    App Builder 2023.69 (x64)

    File size: 205.8 MB

    Complete suite to create HTML5 and hybrid mobile applications.

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    PVS Studio 7.28.77071.626

    File size: 153 MB

    PVS-Studio is a tool for detecting bugs and security weaknesses in the source code of programs, written in C, C++, C# and Java. PVS-Studio performs static code analysis and generates a report that helps a programmer find and fix bugs. PVS-Studio performs a wide range of code checks, it is also useful to search for misprints and Copy-Paste errors. Examples of such errors: V501, V517, V522, V523, V3001.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    Valentina Server 13.6.1

    File size: 36.8 MB

    Serve reports from all major databases or with its own advanced, object-relational database system.

  • b/hotsoftwarev2 bymelt

    Valentina Studio Pro 13.6.1 Multilingual

    File size: 109.8 MB

    Valentina Studio is the best way to transform your data into meaningful information; create, administer, query and explore MySQL, Postgre MariaDB, MS SQL Server and SQLite databases.

  • b/tnt-reloaded bytntreloaded

    Kaleidoscope 4.3.1 macOS

    File size: 39 MB

    Spot the differences. Merge in seconds. With text merge, three-way merge, folder comparison, and the ability to ignore whitespace-only differences, Kaleidoscope integrates perfectly with the version-control systems you already use.

  • b/appzshifter byshifter

    Red Gate SmartAssembly

    File Size: 16 MB

    SmartAssembly is an obfuscator that helps protect your application against reverse-engineering or modification, by making it difficult for a third-party to access your source code. If your entire business rests on the IP embodied in your software or you don't want your C# or VB.NET code exposed internationally, then obfuscating your code becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

  • b/leeman byleeman

    Hexagon Edgecam 2023.1 Build 2347 (x64)

    File Size: 6.12 GB

    Edgecam - automated creation of control programs for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines

  • b/mordigian byMordigian

    Burp Suite Professional 2023.10.3.7

    File size: 518 MB

    Burp Suite is a reliable and practical platform that provides you with a simple means of performing security testing of web applications. It gives you full control, letting you combine advanced manual techniques with various tools that seamlessly work together to support the entire testing process. The utility is easy-to-use and intuitive and does not require you to perform advanced actions in order to analyze, scan and exploit web apps. It is highly configurable and comes with useful features to assist experienced testers with their work.

  • b/appzshifter byshifter

    Gammadyne Centurion Setup 44.0 Multilingual

    File Size: 37.5 MB

    Ready to distribute your software masterpiece? Don't wrestle for weeks with a complicated installation builder. Spend just a few minutes with Centurion Setup, and it will build a professional software installer for Windows in a self-contained, compressed executable. It supports multiple languages, interface customization, DLL installation, patching, password protection, and much more.

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